Uses of Honeygar for Women & Children in Travel

Uses of Honeygar

Many times while traveling with groups of women and children, we have kept a jug of Honeygar already mixed up, ready to drink, in a beverage Cooler. I believe it has helped a great deal in balancing the body chemistry and therefore the mood of emotionally upset or restless young travelers and is great for children who are simply playing hard.

However, these Honeygar can be a great option for the working women or the women who are on travel or having camping experiences. The Honeygar will keep the stamina of the women and let her go through perfectly.

Uses of Honeygar for Women & Children

We will discuss how the Honeygar can help the women and children when they are traveling or are in the home. Especially when they are on tent camping trip in forest detached from the normal are, Honeygar can be really helpful. Check out the benefits below.

Appetite balancing

Drink a glass of Honeygar 30 minutes before a meal to give a boost to blood-sugar balancing ahead of time. Your appetite will then naturally be more in alignment with what you actually need to eat. People use this trick to both gain and lose weight.

Emotional stress

For mood and mind-body balancing prior to, during, and after emotional events, or ongoing tension or stress whether from internal or external causes, drink Honeygar regularly as you travel.

Honeygar to reduce stresses

You can keep a good mood even after an eighteen-hour flight! Honeygar can help balance upset moods such as irritability, anger, overtiredness, and hyperactivity in women.

If at the same time as using the Honeygar for these symptoms, you also remove refined sugars from the diet, you will get even better, long-lasting results. This comes in handy when traveling with children whose diet has been heavy with Sweets all day.

Menstrual cycle distress

Through the stimulation of the bodily systems and actions listed above, a glass Or more of Honeygar can help with PMS, tiredness, and menstrual Cramping.

liver support

Honeygar will give your liver a boost and promote a mild liver decongesting action. Very handy when on a traveler’s diet and after overeating or alcohol use.

Pancreatic strengthener

Honeygar’s sugar-balancing properties can help recovery from the result of too many sweets or desserts on your vacation. This relieves the stress on the pancreas (the body’s primary Sugar-balancing Organ), and be a fine help for those experiencing chronic or temporary low blood-sugar for any reason.

Digestive Aid

This tonic stimulates digestive juices and is fine to use before and after meals for this purpose. Helps your body assimilate nutrients and eliminate successfully. Helps relieve stomachache in women.

Overexposure to elements

By quickly replacing electrolytes and balancing body chemistry, Honeygar greatly increases stamina for and recovery from exposure to the elements whether it is intense sun and wind, or the deep chill of winter sports.

Living in Arizona, I know many people who drink Honeygar throughout the day during the Summer, and never get the fatigue, headache, and feeling of lethargy associated with desert heat.


Use this electrolyte drink for any condition requiring rehydration. Especially, during a bout of traveler’s diarrhea, high fever, or during an airplane trip where the atmosphere is notoriously dry. I have even given Honeygar to Women during childbirth who tend to dehydrate quickly, and it did the trick.

Jet lag prevention and relief

In a small bottle, take Honeygar concentrate with you On the airplane. Mix it in Water and drink it every hour or so during the flight. You will definitely have more trips to the toilet, but exercise is good for jet lag too.

Hangover remedy

Use Honeygar for the relief of any type of hangover due to Overindulgence. This including too much alcohol, too much food, too much emotional drama, or all of the above. In 8 OZS. of pure Water, I mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of Honeygar concentrate and at least 1/4 teaspoon of hot red pepper-the Cayenne from your women’s health Kit Would be the perfect thing for this.

Hangover remedy

To wean off of an alcohol binge, the same recipe can be used as often as desired. For “alcohol recovery,” or any other type of hangover, you need electrolyte replacement, blood Sugar balancing, and headache control. This Honeygar Concoction will rebalance a disrupted body chemistry faster than anything I know of. Including leaving a fresh mood and a clearer head for renewed travel.

Honeygar boost Immune system

During any illness, you can gently cleanse the body of toxins and enhance healing processes by drinking Honeygar throughout the day. In outdoor trips or long travel trip, this can be a great help.

Last Few Words

Children often prefer more honey than vinegar in the base concentrate. I would start with at least equal parts honey to vinegar. For children and also the women who have high-sugar processed foods as a common part of their diet (such as sodas, candy, cakes, packaged breakfast cereals, etc.), I often start with twice as much honey as vinegar in the concentrate.