Information About ENT Disorders

Information about ENT disorders

The ears, throat and nose are the three organs that are interlinked. If you pick up a single problem in one of them it could pass on to the other two in a jiffy. At this point of time an ENT specialist takes over since he is well versed with these orders and work out a treatment module on the same. It has to be stated that there are a lot of disorders, but let us discuss some of the common problems associated with the same


It could be rated as one of the common problems which do point to the fact that congestion of nasal passages is observed. This is accompanied by a runny nose and constant headaches. Though it is a bit unpleasant but there is no major cause of concern that could be dealt with ease. This is taking into consideration that there is no form of underlying medical condition.

Swimmers ear

If your earhole happens to be tugged the patient does go on to experience pain and this increases when there are about to chew something that is underlined by the swelling of the lymph nodes. It could be solved with a minor over the counter medicine.

Ear infection in the inside of the ear

An increase in pressure of the ear is being observed and a degree of pain. Ideally it would indicate a fungal infection in the inner part of the ear and this is a problem that does require immediate attention.

Ear infection

A dull pain that is accompanied by balance loss. Fluid discharge or hearing could be the common problems that could easily be solved by over the counter medication. If no form of improvement is seen in a couple of days the patient would need to get in touch with a doctor.

Steep throat

Sore throat, fever, difficulty in swallowing is some of the common symptoms. It is suggested that you get in touch with a doctor on an immediate basis for an anti-biotic


Difficulty in swallowing with frequent fevers and chills. If it is recurring in nature it does need immediate medical care and sometimes surgery could be an option

The main causes

  • Environment – due to dampness and an infection is bound to arise if the ear canal is not kept dry and at the same time clean.
  • Viral- is going to affect more than a single area of the body and cannot be cured by an anti-biotic
  • Bacterial- it has to be said that these form of infections are localized. It does go on to affect a single area of the throat when it is damaged or bruised
  • Fungal- perhaps the most underlying cause of worry. It needs to be tackled on an immediate basis as it could lead to more problems in the days to come.

The top ENT hospitals in India provide the patients with the best of facilities. Since it is a critical part of the human body you are for sure assured that you are in safe hands.

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