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Importance Of Technology In Education

Technology plays an important role in everyone’s life. With the improvement of technology, the education sector has seen a drastic change within itself. Students now focus more on learning through the latest technology, which involves the use of mobile phones, computer, laptops, tablets, etc. that are user-friendly and helps us to understand the concepts in a far more better way.

The traditional means of learning involves learning through textbooks, which the latest technology has easily replaced. Education is a must for everyone to grow to their full potential and to get awareness for healthy living. Also, education helps to provide social status and improve the way of living. With the growing population of the world, it is important to provide a world-class education for youths that is fulfilled with the latest technology.

The following are the importance of the use of technology in education-


(i) Visual means of learning- Visualization holds the key to understand the concepts in a better way. Science proved that videos help to retain the concepts in a better way, rather than textbooks. Videos provide to visualize the concepts in 3-dimensional space, whereas textbooks can only provide studies in 2-dimensional. Thus it is convenient and easy to understand the concepts through videos, which are the means of learning used by latest technology.


(ii) Ease to access knowledge- Internet can now solve any of our problems. With the help of technology, one can easily browse through the internet and learn new methods for finding the solution to their problem at the very moment in time. Whereas, through books, one needs to go through long paragraphs to learn the concepts that are difficult to understand. This adds an ease to the user to access knowledge.


(iii) Builds Interest and Engagement- Technology in today’s world is now far more convenient and helps students to build interest amongst studies. Various methodologies such as gamification, visual learning, personalized learning tool have provided to engage students to learn with fun. Even the boring topics like Ratio & Proportion, Percentage, Compound Interest, Cell structure, various reactions in chemistry, can be easily understood by actually knowing the cause of action.


(iv) Distance learning- The use of internet has provided a benefit of learning even from our home. One can learn from a remote place, without actually being present to the source location. It is possible to choose a time as well as a place of learning through the use of the internet.


(v) Systematic learning- What can be better for studies rather than going along with the flow. Through the use of technology, one can easily follow a fixed pattern of learning, which is easy to understand and avoids confusion. Many times we come across a situation where we do not understand concepts because we missed out a few things that are prerequisite for the topic. This confusion can be easily eliminated by the use of various learning applications, which not only provide a sorted way of learning but also helps students to practice test paper that can be a confidence booster to their skills and knowledge.


(v) Global Participation- Internet now has made it possible to connect with anyone from anywhere around the world. One can easily share ideas, have a discussion and learn from each other. This helps them to give a bright exposure for students to learn in the best possible ways.


With technological advancement, one can easily learn various topics in an easy way. Videos help to engage students providing interesting lectures for learning. All these techniques help students to seek knowledge and help them to develop to their full potential


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