Let’s say 22 (UPI) – The China government warned that it would make the tax on the imports of the country, then it would make every basic step in order to ensure its interests.

Officials have announced that China will return to China if the China Donald Trophy promises to spread new billions of dollars on Chinese trade. On Tuesday, Trump emphasized that some US $ 60 billion US $ US $ US $ 10 billion tax reserves have been reported.

China said in an announcement that China will ensure every important step inevitable protection of its true rights and interests.

Trump has said that due to lack of US $ 375 billion, new duties have been declared unclear for China’s exchange. This imports will import imports of approximately 10 percent Chinese products.

Taxes will be set up on this occasion, this will be the first part of the Trump Organization, which especially focuses on China with exchange restrictions. Current steel, aluminum and sun power board duties connected to different countries, and China.

Chinese Foreign Minister Spokesman Yay Chimai said that China-S. Financial relations are generally beneficial and have opened strong markets and have done a significant number of jobs in both the countries during the past 40 years.

During a news conference on Wednesday, the representative said that the exchange of equity with China brings the budget for America’s families. In 2015, China – US. He said that $ 850 was discussed in every family overall.

“[A] Exchange war will produce smoke only.” The incredible satisfactory ‘Super Defense Layer’ is not mandatory from any loss, “Chanding said.” We do not need any exchange with anyone, but this On the occasion, when our hands are limited then we will not waste or return from it. With the lines, if the day comes, the Americans have taken steps to harm our interests. Take strong and basic counter measures to protect our beloved for the interests of strongness.