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Let’s Save the Environment: 5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Generate Electricity for Your Home

Eco-friendly sources of energy are popular for two reasons. First, installing one in your home will put you at an economic advantage because you will save a significant amount of money from it. Another reason is that using renewable energy sources is one of the solutions to help minimize the detrimental effects of our fast-warming planet.

Electricity produced from these natural and green energy sources can be replenished. That means that when we shift to these alternative power sources, we will now have our independence from expensive traditional power grid which burns fossil fuels and harms the planet.

Now, if you want to know more about the various eco-friendly energy sources and the benefits that they can provide us, read this article.

Geothermal Energy

From the natural heat beneath the earth such as geysers, volcanoes, and hot springs, you can now generate clean electricity. Geothermal energy is renewable, and it does not create toxic byproducts such as nitrous oxides and carbon dioxides.

The only disadvantage of this energy source is that you will not be able to tap it if your home is far from a location where you can use natural heat. However, you can find other alternatives to generate geothermal energy like installing a ground heat pump.

A ground heat pump can squeeze out natural heat beneath the soil that you can convert into electricity to power your home.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is a popular renewable source of energy like solar energy. Perhaps you have seen wind turbines around the country? Through wind turbines, you can generate wind energy. The wind acts as an impetus to propel the generator for electricity production.

Unlike the conventional energy source like coal, wind energy does not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, making it as one of the most touted eco-friendly energy sources nowadays. Of course, you can have wind turbines for home use, but you first need to ask for approval from the local government to build one.

Solar Energy

Solar power is a great source of energy that can offset the use of conventional coal-fired power plants. This energy source used two varieties of solar energy to generate electricity for your home: the passive and active solar energy.

Passive solar energy uses the energy of the sun indirectly through the heat off the walls of your house. Although this may not be as well-known as using photovoltaic solar panels, passive solar energy is still an excellent way to produce electricity.

Active solar energy, on the other hand, extracts the sun’s power through photovoltaic panels. Installing photovoltaic solar panels in your home can provide you excellent money-savings since solar energy is free and unlimited. You can look for photovoltaic solar panels in sites like G Store to transform your home into a solar-powered household.

Micro Hydropower Energy

If you notice any running water such as creek, river, or stream near your area,  you can use it to generate power for your home. Running water can serve as a propeller to spin a generator to create energy.

Of course, hydropower energy is beneficial to the environment. Installing a micro-hydropower system is also affordable compared to photovoltaic solar panels and wind turbines. With such system that provides a ten-kilowatt electric capacity, you will now be able to save money and cut off your dependence on the conventional power grid.

Compressed Natural Gas Energy

Compressed Natural Gas is an excellent alternative to the use of propane, gasoline, or diesel fuel. Although compressed natural gas emits greenhouse gases, it only emits a lesser amount than burning fossil fuels. It also has little chance of spilling, which makes it a safer alternative to the fuels mentioned above.

Nowadays, people use compressed natural gas to power motor vehicles. But there is also an increasing number of people who use this energy source for electricity generation for their homes.


Shifting to a renewable energy source is indeed an excellent way to save money and protect the planet. There are various eco-friendly energy sources that you can choose to generate electricity in your home. You can choose solar, hydropower, wind, compressed natural gas, and geothermal energy, and many more, as your energy source.

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