World News13 militants, three soldiers among 20 killed in Kashmir

13 militants, three soldiers among 20 killed in Kashmir

An Indian military soldier on April 1, 2018, planted a plant near a gun near the place of gun with suspects in the city of Kakudo, on April 1, 2018, on the South boat shop shop. Reuters / Danish Ismail

Srinagar, April 1 (APP): Three soldiers and 13 invaders were killed in a Kashmir Valley on Sunday in Washington Valley, killing 20 people, a year ago, the kidnappers kidnapped Lieutenant Ammar Fayaz a year ago and killed them. .

In one of the most frustrated conflicts among the fighters between security forces and aggression, Anantna Local of South Kashmir came to third place in relation to two places and fighting in the shops area.

Between fighters, many people get regular numbers out of their homes, cause more trouble.

Army, Jammu and Kashmir Police and Focal Hole Police Force said that at the end of the day, 11 workers, three soldiers and four regular civilians were killed.

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A policeman said a worker was killed in Antalgan Local’s Dalgam while a person was there there.

In similar area, in the city of Dushanbe, in Drigade City and seven workers were killed and five in the city of Kokodode.

“In these tasks three army soldiers were killed,” the police said.

A regular regular regular people were killed in Shopian – in a dragon and three in Kochichhopura TodayKos News.

“There is a very unusual

day for our highly security forces today, based on a joint question and answer session organized by Lieutenant General AK at the Frontier Corps, 15 Corps headquarter based Army Army.

“We killed eight wrongdoers in two works …” he said, including the third activity, was moving all over the city of Kokdodo – where five invaders were killed. When the security forces had accumulated the first three times, two and the workers’ assets got disturbed when security forces saw a little later in the area.

General Bhatt said that two fear managers in the charge of killing Lt. Fayyaz had given the opportunity to leave their family. Posted in Rajputana Rifles in Anwarore, Fayaz one year ago, when he went to the family to marry, the workers stole and killed, and his body was discovered the following day.

“I urge the youth to not cheat the weapons.” Those who use weapons can be managed in the same way that organized the victims based on our fear today. ”

He said that militancy is the biggest enemy for a long time in the Kashmiri Valley on Sunday.

SP, Jammu & Kashmir Police Officer S.P. Wide said, in Delgam, a senior police officer in the city tried to recognize psychologists.

They called two horror-based oppressed relatives in an offer that they should recognize themselves.

“Instead of recognizing, a navy psychiatrist fired fire and security forces did not have any authority despite the firing.

“We have survived the second. Tasks are more professionally completed by security forces.

“Two military personnel have been killed in the militants, while some other forces have reached place with Army, CRPF and police.”

The officer said that two regular citizens were killed in the fight.

“There was a home-owned property in the city of Dragad, where fear managers were drowned and others suffered a conflict in Kochichodora.

Six different regular citizens supported shot wounds, out of which two were later held in the hospital.

Police officer said that all the hanging groups in Dragad have indicated their families.

He targeted Ahmed Ahmad and Rishek’s enemies of Lieutenant Fayyaz, both of which were among the victims in the dragon.

Police officer said that four to five invaders have been arrested in Kochichodara.

“We are encouraging everyone to see the loss of youth’s lives.” I guarantee that the children do not get cheated from weapons. ”

The controller general of police, SP Pani said that Web Administration has been suspended in every four areas of Kashmir. “Preparate administration are suspended as precautions as well.”

In Srinagar City, he added, all things were considered serial.

Experts have requested to terminate the closure of all the Ahadiths and schools in the valley on Monday.

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