The part of the Canadian tiger is expected to be expected to see a war between Canada and the United States, as an indication by the Nifaفا research review, between states of disruptions and disruptions and other exchange-related matters.

At that time, when some information was received about the possibility of exchange of exchange between the two countries, they reviewed 19 for each review that it is possible, while 48 for every penny it was said to some extent Is.

For every fifth, the four said that the Exchange Battle is somewhat inferior, and seven people are impossible for each partner.

The review has been shown extensively that the major parts of Canada (54 for each penis) are required that the government is expected to move ahead with exchange transactions and it is expected that the United States is on the steel and aluminum of Canada. There has been a change in psychological changes in compulsion at higher levels Read more TodayKos.

One quarter of these studies (for 26 pounds) has been said that Canada should increase taxes in ban on American goods, but nine Canada’s Canadian products for each pen data Chats should break on the contrary to the opposition of the US tax. For every four money only four believe that Canada should give a considerable amount of discount on Nitta to eliminate Lieutenants.

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US President Donald Trap has ordered 25 US American soldiers to sign each penny, and more than 10 relatively country-owned aluminum for every penny. Important two countries rescued the duties – for the time – are Canada and Mexico.

Surveyor Nik Nuns said that the review shows that Americans are a major part of the cendants “under the business” about Canadian exchange.

“We actually have such a lot of use (transmission with the US),” Nunes told CTV News News on Monday.

He said that Congress is worried about the war of fighters and their uncertainty requires their legislation to try to arrange them for most ideal arrangements.

The effect of our funds service

As a part of the similar peace process, Nunes Research received some information about his response to government finance minister Bill Marvio.

On the occasion when it was said at the beginning of March, after the 2018 government spending plan, to review the implementation of mortar operations in the office, 18 people asked each conservative to make a poor job 15 and for every penny 15 said he is doing a lot. Poor activity

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For every fifth, fifty five said he is doing a “minor” job, while for every penny 19, he said that he is doing a great job. Only four say for each four that he is occupying a “decent” and nine inevitable for every penny.

Ninos told Monday that this review was reliable in October 2017 with the impact of the Minneo edge. Her corruption did not sign “post costs”, said Monday پیر.

In the second 50% of 2017, Marurnio was the main point of discussion, in which the change in expenditure arranged the disturbing entrepreneurs and inquiries about how he dealt with his own benefits after coming to the office. Decided to

At the beginning of this year, official ethical magistrate Mary Davis accepted her responsibility after clearing Mauro that she was the most responsible for her work class in front of the responsible responsibilities of the Marorno Shell Partners in 2015. Move richest institutions. .

Morneau was appointed as a manager and before proceeding to become a service service, an HR organization was the official seat of the Marorno shell.

“The latest study shows that despite the fact that Marorno has more than a late media spotlight, its” photo “has not been re-created and” it will probably be a long journey “. Indicated the beginning of his order.


Nano studied half-half-a-half (ground and cell phone lines) and online Canadian 1000 discussion and took place between March 18 and 12, in which a review of Peacebus prescribed by CTV News Feature.