World NewsEight PML-N lawmakers quit party, vow to make south Punjab separate province

Eight PML-N lawmakers quit party, vow to make south Punjab separate province

LAHORE: The opposition’s eight-member PML- Nawaz’s parliamentary members, including six MNAs and two MPAs, had crossed the way with a decisive party on Monday. He announced the transfer of large scale to make South Punjab a different area.

Khusro Bakhtar said, “The motivation behind the question and answer session is that development South Punjab Sabha Mahajaz has the opportunity to make another area.” Khosro Bakhtiar said in addition to public implementation in Lahore as well as other unwanted puzzles.

“We have a different view of becoming a Southern Punjab,” he said.

Bakhtiar said that in the new South Punjab region, instead of a local regional expense will not be spent in each other.

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Bakhtiyar, who meets the PPP’s vice president, is already full of state affairs for remote matters. Apart from this, Tahir Iqbal (MNA from Vehicle), Rana Mohammad Qasim (MNA from Multan), Basir Bukhari (MNA from Muzaffar Gadh), Sardar Darya and Saleemullah Chaudhary reported that they were PML- Are preventing n

Bakhtiar said that for South Punjab, he will create a separate area, which is “more than 51% of the requirement in South Punjab.”

He added that “production of a different area for South Punjab is a point motivated.”

“I appreciate and appreciate Lahore incredibly Lahore, but South can not ignore the punishment of Punjab where my followers have covered.” Bakhtiyar explained the need for a different area.

Bakhtiar also said that the general population of the people of Punjab and the political parties are with them and will soon join them in their organization.

Lawmakers said that along with their organization, the head head will be worked out between Balbir Sher Mazari and Sardar Darsh.

Two MPAs report will challenge 2018 decisions as free hopes

On the event, two PML-N’s MPA Ali Asghar Mandi and Tariq Mahmood Bajwa reported that they will face common decisions in general general elections in 2018 with general hope.

Ali Asghar Mandi is a person in association with Punjab since 2008. In 2008, he was elected as PML-N in the election constituencies of PP 165 Sheikhupura IV of the General verdict. Selected in 2013

Tariq Mahmood Bajwa has jointly joined Punjab with an alliance since 2008. He was elected as the general party of PML-N through the publication of the PPP-NNNP with big research in 2008 and 2008. 2013 selected

In 2002, MP both challenged the general race as autonomous rivals, but they were not elected.

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