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ZenMate Premium: Lifetime Subscription

ZenMate is the fastest-growing, first Class VPN thing to consider. Used by more than 41 million customers, zenetet gives you an opportunity to secure the web, safely, incomplete, and without captivity. It uses advanced encryption to secure your passwords and save data on any open or private WiFi safely on the web.In addition, ZenMate tracks your IP address and gives you credentials, so a substance (even the legislation or your ISP) can track how many sites you can visit. . Download the extension of the program today, and you can also switch hard work with intermediary areas to get any substance as you need. You will be goodbye by region-based substances, your personal care will eventually be assessed on your web.

Europas Award for Best Security/Privacy Startup
4/5 Stars, BestVPN Review
4.3/5 Stars, VPNMentor

  • Stops your program’s movement to save your information
  • Easily include a program extension in switch areas
  • Saves you and your information when using open WiFi hot pot (or at home!).
  • Disables limited areas like administration, news production, and online networking
  • Illegally YouTube recording limited
  • Displays your area by changing your area
  • Each of your gadgets w / work area saves each of the customers and versatile applications.
  • Its decision to 30 countries include: Germany, Romania, Hong Kong, United States, France, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands and Spain
  • Turbo connects fast web associations
  • Squares of squares

Details & Requirements

  • Updates included


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, SRWare Iron, Chromium, Yandex & Comodo Drago

Not available in China, Saudi Arabia & Iran


  • Instant digital redemption
  • For new ZenMate customers only

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