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Bridges built to help stranded villagers reach Vyans valley

The Border Roads Organization (BR) has constructed two wooden expansion on the construction of river wood, which has separate India’s duties with Nepal, so that the wilderness van to promote the movement of thousands of villagers. Promote the valley with your winter shield through the neighboring country.

The teacher was made to give an election course by Nepal after the traditional tracks which suffered damage in the neighboring valley in February.

During the road, the Dhulkola valley was moved, out of which more than 2,400 villagers from more than 2,400 villagers built their network colleagues to traverse Indian experts after the connections were enclosed between the two villages in the local community. Throw to  Bridges built to help stranded villagers reach Vyans valley

As indicated by the Dutch Divisional Officer (SDM) RKpandey, a 40 meter length and 60 meter meter in length of length in Lucknow, developed within two days within ten days in Nepal’s independence from Nepal. had gone.

Luckers decided to enter Nepal from Dushchow valley to pass through Lucknow in Lucknow, “said SSM.” During that time, they enter the Indian territory to get the Valley Valley. Will be ”

He said that in order to get the Nazim, the villagers will now need to move in Nepal for more than 45 minutes.

According to the SDM, a portion of the villagers just started to return to their cities. He added that the small pieces of valley valley in Quetta and Nowshera Valley, will be returned from the first seven days of the following month.

SMM said that while traveling during his arrival, some information was obtained about the safety of the villagers, the SDM said that the Indian organization will send the clendars to the villagers for the clusters, because the lace doors Can be sent inside the outer country.

SDM said, “In addition, we are trusting the security course of action made by a well-connected neighbor, the SDM has guaranteed to protect our kit through movement within its area. . ”

According to Sodium, besides the villagers of the village, the new suspects will be used by the dealers connected to the Indo-China Assistant Exchange to take their products from the Ganjiji market, where they have their own Stocks can store.

As such, SDM, teachers, which will probably remain till the beginning of the storm, will also encourage the development of villagers from two Nepalese cities of delays and Changuro, Which is usually the Indian area of ​​summer from their elevated cities.

In many areas of the Drum valley, villagers, similarly coming to winter, were demanded three expansion fun in Dang, Chengi Si and Bungalal.

Village villagers of Bon city will be caught at a height of 11000 ft if the construction of expansion will not be taken. “

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