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Advantages and Disadvantages of Year-Round Schooling

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Everything keeps changing with the time and advancements in the technology. Men keep on wanting and struggling for more. Charter Spectrum Internet bundles provide the high-speed internet connections to customers to fulfill their needs of web surfing at affordable rates.

The use of the technology in the field of education has changed the whole concept and the mode of transmission of education as well. A new concept with the name “Year-Round Schooling” has emerged in the educational field. Majority of the schools are implementing this new concept, as they believe it is better for the kids.

If you are unaware of this new concept, then here is all the information you will need.

What is Year-Round Schooling?

Year Round Schooling

Year-Round Schooling system started when individuals felt that they needed to kick-out the old ways of educating children. In this new type of educational system, the schools operate for 180 days in a year but the operational days are divided in certain periods with few breaks.

The school is opened to teach kids for 45 days and then kids get the vacations for 15 days. This way schools complete 180 days in a year and teaches kids with proper gaps. Where the majority of the parents are supporting this idea, others are standing against it.

Why Year-Round Schooling is a Good Idea?


Many schools in the United States have already implemented this new way of teaching while others are still planning to implement it. Washington, Nevada, California, Colorado, Ohio, and Rhode Island along with other 25 states have already accepted the year-round schooling system.

The reason behind implementing is the number of benefits it has to offer to the schools, teacher, students, and the parents as well. Here are some of many advantages of year-round schooling.

  1. With frequent breaks between the educational periods, kids get some time to relax and focus on other parts of life as well. They get to spend more time with their family and learn some off-course skills decided by the parents.
  2. The breaks also allow teachers to relax and focus on their health that they ignore during school days. This cuts down the number of the sick or busy day leaves teachers take in full-year schooling.
  3. Already decided break periods help families to plan their meetups and vacation beforehand. This ensures that no plan is missed and the school is attended properly as well.
  4. This idea is also easy on the budget, as parents would buy only the necessary amount of the school items that would be consumed by the kid within 45 days of the school. Moreover, it is an easy option for parents who find it hard to pay for the long year fee of their kid’s school.
  5. It allows the students of United States to move to different countries to get education for some days. It helps the students to learn different, new, and exciting things that they can’t learn in their own school.

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Why Year-Round Schooling is a Bad Idea?

For half of the residents of the United States, year-round schooling is not a good idea. These individuals include the teachers, administration of schools, and the parents. It is because of this group of individuals that some schools in the United States still follow the old way of schooling. According to this group, the new way of schooling is not good for children and other humans included.

Here are some of the many reasons year-round schooling is termed harmful.

  1. Parents believe that many breaks included between the teaching periods discourage the students to study hard and so they do not pay much attention to the education.
  2. For working parents, the year-round schooling becomes a tension and burden on the budget, as they have to pay for their kid’s daycare in the off-days of school.
  3. It disrupts the routine of the families. During the on-days of schools everyone is in rush and follow a different schedule while during school vacations, families follow totally opposite routine. Switching between two different lifestyles and that too frequently disturbs everyone’s way of living.
  4. Kids become lazy during the vacations and 15 days off after every 45 days makes kids even lazier than ever. They spend most of their free time watching series and playing games online with the help of spectrum phone packages.

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