Everyone enjoys a day out on the water and no one wants those days to be put on hold when your boat is in need of repairs or upgrades to its system. The most important part of moving forward with a boat repair is knowing how to choose the proper industry-approved replacement parts. You want to be sure that your repair or upgrade will hold up to the rigors of being out on the water, as well as keep your boat operating at peak performance for years to come so that you can worry less about repairs and more about enjoying time on your boat.

Why Choose Marine Electrical Wire?
When it comes to choosing wire for a boat upgrade or repair, it is very important to choose Marine Electrical Wire over standard electrical wire. Many people believe that they can use standard wiring for boat projects in the effort to save money on the cost of repairs. The problem with this decision is that while standard wiring does conform to industry standards for normal electrical projects, it falls short of having the features that make marine wire and accessories so reliable for your needed boat repairs.

Differences Between Marine Wire and Standard Wire:
While both marine wire and standard wire are industry approved, the differences can be found in the makeup of the wires themselves.

There are three distinctions that set marine electrical wire apart from the standard electrical wire. The first of these reasons comes down to the individual strands in each wire option. For marine wire, the strands that make up the wire are much finer than in standard wire and each strand is tinned, which helps protect the wire from corrosion due to exposure of the elements from being out on the water.

The second difference of marine wire is the flexibility of the wire. Marine cable is made of very fine strands, which allows the wire to remain flexible to withstand the constant impact of moving and vibrating with the boat. This constant movement will break down standard wires more quickly that lead to breakdowns on the water or land you in an endless cycle of needed replacements and repairs.

Lastly, the third difference of marine wire can be found in its insulation. Marine wire is designed with being on the water in mind. Marine cable is much more insulated than standard wire which allows it to withstand the elements better and this insulation also makes the wire heat and water resistant.

After noting the many differences between marine wire and standard wire, it is easy to see why marine wiring is the better choice for any boat repair or upgrade. While marine wire will be somewhat more costly, the benefits that marine electrical wire provides will allow you to maintain and upkeep your boat with the confidence that it is safe and will last against the elements while on the water.

Marine Electrical Wiring Options:
Just like in standard electrical wiring, marine wiring comes in different varieties and gauges to help you find the size you need for the repair or upgrade that you are currently working on. So, whether you are looking for tinned cable or flat cable, we are sure that you will find the type and gauge you need to get your project completed with the confidence of knowing that your marine wiring will hold up to all the adventures you have planned.

Ready to Shop?
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