The Easiest Way to Publish Your Book Online

No matter which discipline you belong, it is engulfed by the changes brought by the digital transformation. The spectrum of book publishing has changed. These are partly because of the various emergence of online publishing websites.  It has provided the users with the tools essential for the publishing of the site. The process of getting a book published seems to be hectic and troublesome; however, with the existence of the online publishing, the difficulty has been eradicated. The writers today are unaware of the online publishing websites which allow them the power to change the people live without being overburden with expenses. The following are the sites which can assist you in changing people life through your book:


  • Amazon

Amazon is one of the most magnificent platforms which provide users access to almost everything. The authors can get their book to publish free on the platform; however, there is a catch. The income generated from the sales of the book is shared with it; on a ratio of 65% to 35% and 65% is not for the authors. Though this you can disseminate your manuscript and create an impact through it.

  • Lulu

Undoubtedly, the amazing site lets you integrate the digital media with the text content. The type of media ranges from audios, music, video, ringtone, and eBooks. It provides the option whether you want to save the book privately or make it available to the public. It also facilitates the writers by providing the feature to scan the old books. Once you have integrated it with all the things you can further download and read it to eradicate all the errors present. Your written book on Lulu can also be searched through google which exposes it to a large audience. Various groups can also share the books available on Lulu.

  • Create Space

An amazing site to get the book published without undergoing the hassle of begging the great publishing houses which drive all the life savings. In 2005, it was acquired by Amazon, which made it a subsidiary to it, making the selling process efficient. It also provides the option to make the book private or public, like Lulu. The digital media can also be integrated though only PDF files can be submitted.

  • Cafe Press

I came across this site when I was searching for an essay writing service. It is a digital space where the users sell their products in a shop creation. The self-publishing feature makes its standout, without being the member. The book can be made public or private depending upon the writer’s decision. The files are submitted in PDF formats which must be within the size of 100 MB

  • We Book

It is a free publishing site, where thousands of writers are present, part of different groups. These writers rate and review the books that are present on the site, based on the maximum rating one get, the site published that particular book. The writer is allowed to share the earned royalties with the writers who have provided with the positive feedback. One drawback of the site is that only those books get published which have the highest rating.

  • Blurb

Blurb is a site that allows the user to create or publish the book, recipe, and a lot more. Various templates and layouts are present through which you can design it. The choice is of the writer to make it public or private in it. If one wishes to make it public, it is then published on the Blurb website. Writers can also provide the preview of the book so that readers can make the decision whether they want to indulge in it. The book can be categorized along with the option to add tags and subtitles. The assistance is also provided upon the request of the writer to assist in the development of the book.

Wrapping it up:

Remember writing a book and getting it published are two parts of the coin. One fails to make an impact unless and until the other side is taken into account. Make sure you do all the groundwork and create a holistic approach to getting the maximum exposure. No need to spend your years saving on a big publishing house, when you have these handful of sites available.

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