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How to Identify the Real Seven Mukhi Rudraksha and Its Price

It’s not quite difficult to recognize a real Rudraksha. The increasing importance of the Rudraksha and seven mukhi Rudraksha price, it is often made artificially and is sold in the market. These artificial Rudraksha used to be made long ago by using wild berry seeds, nuts or woods but in these artificial Rudraksha, no facet can be made as real as the ones that are in the genuine ones and can easily be detected by an experienced eye.

There are many other criteria written to recognize Rudraksha like sinking and floating of Rudraksha in the water and revolving between two coins but it is not a correct criterion, even a genuine Rudraksha may float in the water. Buying a real Rudraksha is like buying germs in which buyers buy from a trusted supplier only and thus buyers needs to consult other previous buyers for the genuine suppliers and their experience of dealing with them before taking a decision to purchase the Rudraksha beads.

Among all the Rudraksha beads, seven mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of goddess Mahalakshmi who bestows the wearer with wealth and prosperity. At the early stages and the ancient times, seven mukhi Rudraksha is considered very auspicious number. Therefore, seven mukhi Rudraksha is favourable as it grants the wearer with good luck, health and fame. The ruling god of seven mukhi Rudraksha is goddess Mahalakshmi and has venus planet. The bheem mantra of the seven mukhi Rudraksha is “Aum Hum Namah” “Aum Mahalakshmi Namah” and the health benefits are mentioned below:

  • It has been proved to be a great help for healing stomach and liver ailments.
  • It is also very effective against acidity, stomach ache and gastrointestinal problems.
  • It alleviates ailments of stomach, liver, pancreas and adrenal gland.

Why to buy Rudraksha online?
They supply the best quality product with the guarantee along with the affordable Seven mukhi Rudraksha price. The products are selected and delivered after thorough research into the subject. The wearer of seven mukhi Rudraksha reaps the positive benefits of huge financial gains, good health, fame, peace and mental stress. It is also the representative of the great seven Chiranjivis namely Ashwatthama, Raja Bali, Vedvyasa, Hanuman, Vibhishan, Parshurama and Kripacharya, after wearing the seven mukhi Rudraksha, one blessed by these seven great Chiranjivis.

Another thing to be noted is that Rudraksha being a natural product; it is available in many qualities. The buyer should avoid taking high or costly seven mukhi Rudraksha price. One should go for heavy, bright, well-shaped Rudraksha. Rudraksha price with ISO certified.

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