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Top 7 Writing Courses for Students

Mingling with college friends to teach you some extravagant tips for enhancing writing skills could be definitely hectic but not pricey. Sometimes, even an expert tutor can rule out the essence of writing a perfect draft beyond the expectations. So, here is to all those students who are on the hunt for resourceful online platforms that offers easy to pick writing courses to transform their low writing skills by bringing ultimate perfectionism.


We are listing down seven of the remarkable choices that are totally handpicked for the ease of early birds and innovators as well:

#1 Scribble

If you are one of those who have stepped in the writing field recently, then Scribble must be your first choice. Perfecting your writing skills would never be easy without the capability of the passionate writers at Scribble. Get your hands on the online video courses before the time runs out because it’s totally free of cost.

#2 Creative Writing for all: A 10-day Journaling Challenge  

 Are you looking for excessive resources to lit your writing proficiency in just 10 days? Take the challenge to drive your writing spirits for a better opportunity. Through this course, you will be enable to write a draft in 10 minutes for 10 days to get complete mastery at the end of the course. It is a video course by Emily Gould that will supervise you to improve your writing skills to unlock bigger opportunities.

#3 Humor Writing: Writing Funny for the Internet

Turn on your creative side and fill in the gaps with some funniest skills to hit the tracks on the Internet. If your humor is your strength, then power up your skills by learning the illusions of fun learning course presented by Mike Lacher. Help yourself by watching the video course that talks about structuring the content according to the Internet sources.

#4 Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing Mastery

 Make some unbelievable moves and turn your drafts to masterpieces by enrolling in Ninja Writing course. Just a few stationeries are required to master in writing skills that guarantee to unlock many writing opportunities if you are confident to approach your goals.  Learn the secrets of writing by enrolling in the course that is only priced at $9.99.

#5 Secret Sauce of Great Writing

Another chance to get skills in improving your business writing. This free course is better to avail for learning simplistic ways to mould the writing capabilities by inducing creative powers. The course guarantees high-quality standards and key concepts, which are essential for novice.

#6 Academic English: Writing Specialization

Want to empower your professional career? This course is designed for the college-level students to learn the research tactics for expressing the knowledge by innovating your writing skills at the best level.

#7 Writing with Impact: Writing that Persuades

Solve your writing confusions with this Cambridge-level course, which is offering high-end solutions to elevate your writing competencies under the supervision of best tutors. Get a chance to learn the concepts that to create exceptional non-fiction writing.

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