Unfortunately, racism is still remaining a huge problem in US. Almost two centuries the American community tries to prevent this issue, but many internal actions or situations continue to hold this topic on the top level. American universities are not exceptions.

The problem of racism in American Universities

Since XX century, many students in American universities face the racial discrimination during the study period. Most universities are trying to response effectively and create a good environment for different students, but somehow the community cannot simply exist without such disgusting problem. It also raises many concerns among parents, as they evaluate the future university or college to see whether their children may face a racial discrimination.

Historically, the cultural diversity of American society became an important part of American lifestyle. The main targets of the racial discrimination are mostly the black Americans, who are always being insulted by many students in different cruel ways. Such issue always existed in many colleges or universities, and the fact that Obama became the American President did not stop the violence and acts of racism whatsoever. The statistics of racial harassment has not decreased since the beginning of XXI century, remaining the hot issue for almost every college or university.

Moreover, the progress of social media only increased the racial discrimination, since many people started to express their racism attitude towards many nationalities through Twitter or Facebook. Such thing is very punishable, and it is hard to avoid a penalty if you made some racial statements towards any representative of different race. However, through the social media resources many authorities can faster identify the racial discrimination and prevent further existence of movements or acts of violence. More social and interesting topics you can read on https://www.essaywanted.com/

Yet another problem regarding the racial discrimination can be the lack of response by school or college’s administration. There are many examples when the racial discrimination towards the students remained untouched or unnoticed. Such absence of response could lead to special movements created by the students in order to protect their rights and focus society’s attention to a well-known issue – racism.

The role of government in preventing racism

When it comes to serious actions, such as acts of violence towards the black American or international students, the response of American government must be always immediate. According to the latest events, including the deadly shootings of black Americans by police, and various movements against international students, the issue of racism became hot topic among the representatives of American Government. Despite such actions, many experts tend to believe that the improvements of anti-racism policy must be occurred on many levels.

The government can find solutions and prevent the racial discrimination if they urge the colleges or universities to create various campus activities for minorities and give international students a slight influence on administration and faculty hiring. It is also important to create mandatory sensitivity training for faculty by implementing more cultural aspects and make it sufficient.

The modern society must go through serious changes, otherwise many social problems, like racism, are going to exist. If it comes to university, the best method is the implementation of so-called no-tolerance policy, where any student that shows racism can be punished, expelled, or even suspended.