With the high proliferation of smart digital modes and channels taking centre stage, all kinds of products, including vehicle insurance online, are being purchased in the quickest and easiest of ways. People are taking to internet-based speciality websites for paying their car insurance premiums, purchasing add-ons for their existing policies, as well as renewing or buying their car insurance coverage or having their motor insurance claims processed through online sources. Given all this, it is no small wonder that apps and smartphones dedicated to vehicle insurance online purchase are running far ahead in the competition; thus, leaving their offline counterparts behind.

Gone are the days when you had to run from pillar to post, or behind insurance agents, to get the protection you needed for your vehicle. With more and more vehicle insurance companies opting to go for online operations, it is well-advised that you know the many advantages of purchasing vehicle insurance online.

Why Is Vehicle Insurance Online Better Than Offline?

When you buy vehicle insurance online, it is possible for you to compare, choose, and buy the policy choice after making a well-informed decision. Here are some important points to consider:

1. Ease of Online Purchase

As there is absolutely no paperwork involved, the insurance companies benefit by making savings that would have been spent on physical documentation, brokerage costs, commissions to agents, etc. In most cases, they choose to pass on these benefits to their customers online, thereby making way for cheaper vehicle insurance online. In addition, the lack of processing and distribution costs also reduce the price of the plans in the reckoning, these benefits are further passed on to policyholders in the form of lower premiums.

2. Freedom from Agents

In certain cases, the act of dealing and communicating with car insurance agents turns out to be a cumbersome affair. This is because these agents are likely to have their individual agendas and tend to push you to buy the policies that fetch them better commissions. As the commission-based brokers and offline resources for purchasing vehicle insurance may not be as impartial as most people believe them to be, purchasing car insurance from online sources serves to be a better option for you. Additionally, there are lingering concerns of dealing with fake insurance agents and identity thefts that can be avoided by looking for the best vehicle insurance online.

3. Additional Discounts on Vehicle Insurance Online

With a view of staying competitive and encouraging more customers to buy vehicle insurance online, insurance companies are known to offer several discounts and offers, which may go up to a whopping 60-70%. Also, there are many reward points systems as well as discounts on premium payment and policy purchase offered by credit card companies in terms of online transactions. Such offers are likely to bring down the cost of vehicle insurance purchase while giving the same benefits of motor insurance as purchased offline.

4. Security of Filing in Relevant Details

When you purchase vehicle insurance online, it is possible for you to assess the features and benefits of various options before picking the plan of your choice. Alongside, by filing in the details from the comforts of your home or office, you can be assured of going about the act in a more relaxed and secure manner; there are lesser concerns of human errors creeping in the garb of agents missing out on your vital information. Do remember that the smallest of errors in filling up the application form for purchase of vehicle insurance may lead to your claim getting rejected in due course, so it is better to go about the act yourself rather than rely on offline agents. 

More so, by saving your important documents online, you can ward away the threat of physical documents getting damaged or stolen in transit, by fire or because of any natural calamity.

How to Buy Vehicle Insurance Online?

All that you need to do to file for vehicle insurance online is assess your coverage needs – along with Third Party Liability coverage, you may need additional coverage for zero depreciation, No Claim Bonus Claim, Personal Accident Coverage, cover for non-factory accessories, etc. Ascertain the premium as per your budget and by opting for online premium computation tools. Next, you need to shortlist your choice on the basis of the features, ease of claims processing, scope of coverage, IDV, tenure of policy, etc. Once you have frozen your pick of the best vehicle insurance online, pay for the same through a preferred payment mode – it’s that simple!

Way Forward

Insurance aggregator sites like Coverfox.com provide smart premium calculation and comparison tools for this cause and also help you select reliable payment channels to enable the entire process of purchasing vehicle insurance online. Go for them!