World NewsNew Honda Civic Review: Road Test

New Honda Civic Review: Road Test


The new Honda Civic comes with a new diesel engine, sharper dynamics and a more spacious cabin. More importantly, after a long break, it’s finally headed back to the Indian market.

All you need to do is look at it once to realise that the Honda Civic is an out-of-the-box car. Sure, it has typical notchback styling, but in India it’ll compete against the likes of the Skoda Octavia and Toyota Corolla Altis. Yes, that’s right, Honda has finally decided to bring the Civic back to India after a long wait. If you remember, the Civic was quite a success for Honda back in the day, and with the latest model featuring a diesel motor, among other updates, the prospects of this much-awaited comeback seem quite promising.

Goodbye fuel stations

There’s something about the new Civic that you can feel, but can’t see. It’s like the pleasant feeling of completeness, an overwhelming sense of fullness. The moment you get behind the wheel, you realise that there’s something special about this car.

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