Being a huge part of every modern business, Big Data Analytics has managed to create excitement all around the place. Fifty-three percent of the companies were utilizing Big Data Analytics in 2017, as per an article by Forbes. So you can imagine the increase in this percentage by the end of this year.

It was unfortunate that when Big Data Analytics made an entrance to the business world, professionals were not really prepared to capitalize on it. However, things have changed for better now as there are lots of ways available to pursue an education in Big Data Analytics & its several tools.

Earning a Big Data Certification is the most effectual & convenient the way to start a career in the most lucrative field of our times. Especially, when there are so many institutes offering relevant Big Data Certification Programs, it has become extremely easy to find one that suits your requirements.

These days, employers value candidates holding potent Big Data Certifications as it shows their dedication towards their career & how serious they are about this specific area of work. Having a certification means that you are ready to make an effort to build a fulfilling career for yourself and that’s something that attracts employers towards you.

If you are also planning to have a career in Big Data Analytics, like any other intuitive & ambitious professional of today, you can too go for an excellent Big Data Analytics Program in order to set yourself apart from the competition.

Below, you will find some of the top Big Data Certifications in the market for you to choose the most appropriate one for yourself and secure your future.
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1. Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop

Having this certification can prove that you have the ability, skills, & theoretical as well as practical knowledge of working on Apache Hadoop cluster. All you have to do is take an exam & ensure that you score more than seventy percent to become a Hadoop expert.

2. Senior Big Data Analyst

For all you experienced business analysts & market researchers, there is a certification that will not only introduce you to the Big Data world but also fast track your career in that field. Earn Senior Big Data Analyst provided by Data Science Council of America & get ready to be a valuable part of the most exciting domains of Big Data.

3. Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer

After earning this certification, you can confidently showcase your technical skills to the employers by applying any kind of complex tool on a cluster for the sake of solving customer problems. This certification has the potential to set you apart from your competition & make a significant place for yourself in the area of Big Data.

4. Senior Big Data Engineer

Another able certification provided by the Data Science Council of America, Senior Big Data Engineer is specially constructed for programming professionals, software engineers & all kinds of pros of technology who wish to enter the money-making development space of Big Data Analytics.

If you are already a part of the Big Data Analytics field, then nothing like it as this certification can definitely help you pace up your career growth and if you are not in the Big Data groove as yet, you don’t have to worry as you can always enter the Big Data space by exhibiting your skills of working on the most demanding Big Data software & applications by pursuing this well-designed certification course from DASCA.

With the right guidance & qualifications, you can reach new heights in your successful Big Data career.