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The ever-increasing popularity of e-commerce stores – A guide to Instagram and online e-commerce

You must have come across the number of online eCommerce stores.  Almost every one of us prefers to shop online and, this trend is merely increasing with time. The benefits of an e-commerce website are innumerable, but how far the e-commerce website is reliable is questionable.  It all depends on how sincerely the e-commerce website work.

The increasing popularity of e-commerce

People nowadays have become computer savvy. Everyone is browsing internet dailyirrespective of their age.  The reason may be to get some information or shopping online or just for time pass. Whatever the reason may be, the usage of internet has increased. When we consider online shopping, e-commerce has many benefits, namely:-

  • Search for products in the Global market: A person who knows the value of money will take time in searching for the right product. So using an e-commerce website, a web user can search for the product globally.  Since you can do everything by sitting at one place, one need not spend money on traveling for the product. Just browse the internet and place an order.


  • No limit for choice:  When you approach a retail store, you will be shown a limited stock out of which you are forced to take the products.  But since you can view the products that are available globally in an e-commerce website, you have a wide range of products to choose from.


  • Cost of the product: Normally an e-commerce website will display the products along with its price tag.  So, selection will be easy as you can compare the value of products within different brands and choose the best.


  • No one will get irritated:  Normally, a salesman will get irritated when many questions are asked, and no product is selected.  But when you browse the internet for products, complete information regarding the product, its usage and its cost, delivery time everything will be mentioned in an e-commerce website.  Even though you don’t order any product, there is no physical person to get irritated. No matter how many times or how long you view the website, complete information will be displayed (provided the network connectivity is functional).

What is the importance of Instagram in an e-commerce website?

An E-commerce website has to concentrate on the display part of its website.  Only when the goods or services rendered are presented suitably, the web browsers will get attracted to the site and show their willingness to purchase them.  Presenting of products or services refers to the display of their images. An image taken using Instagram has many followers than an image taken from other source. The clarity of the picture makes the difference.  This one feature has created many followers for Instagram. The inclusion of product-related videos, i.e., product and its usage, create additional interest in the minds of the web users. All this is possible only on the usage of Instagram.

Whenever some promotions have to be displayed on an e-commerce website, design it using Instagram with colorful and attractive images.  That will increase your followers for Instagram. This idea will be beneficial especially for beginners with small business. If you use the facility of Instagram is properly, it will lead to an increase in sales of a product.

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