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Next Decade of China’s Growth

Apart from those among us who are in denial, most markets are aware of the intensity of Chinese economic growth over the past 30 years. Allow me to read some key mails.
In China’s Middle East cities, about 33% of China’s nearly 33 years in GDP, 10% of China’s average annual GDD rate has got some Western country. The rest of the country will take 20 years to catch. Average income in urban areas is twice as high as rural areas. By 2030, China will reach 80% of citizens.

The average life expectancy in China is 76 years, compared to 79 years in the United States, and the educational level in both the countries is relatively high.

In 2011, there is a small scale of Chinese non-economic equality in Gini, China has created 50 million new jobs in urban areas, resulting in a target of 45 million. China has achieved the target to increase the economy in 48% economy, and the service sector is now bigger than the manufacturers.

For the research and development, China is the second global leader in the State Fund, 2.2% in its GDP. From 2000 to 2012, China was responsible for 62% of world patent applications.

China is the biggest assistant for global development. From 2000 to 2013, China gave 23% of global growth, while the American participated 12 percent. China is the largest source of trade for 140 countries, and its commercial activity took 13% of the global trade growth from 2000 to 2012.

The exact defeat of the results of these figures is a fair defeat, but 20 percent of the mistake in “thumbing to beat” can still be able to find outcomes and make Western economies a realistic challenge.

China has taken a lot of money from its foreign reserves, its current target is increasing by 7 percent in its economy. Many economists in China and abroad are dangerous in China’s debt, as long as foreign reserves grow and the print press exceeds the maximum yuan, China will increase – a high speed compared to the past. The rate continues, but still the Western growth estimates the print press to spend on large foreign reserves and stimulation in China. America is just a print press.

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