Customers have always been the factor on which the business growth relies. That’s why business owners want to see their customers happy. There are many channels such as telephone, email, etc. that allow customers to get the desired services without any hassle.

But there is one other channel on which online sales depends. It is none other than ‘Live chat.’ As per the industry reports, 62% of consumers keep purchasing products or services online from that company which offers reliable live chat support service.

In order to secure the business’s bottom line, most of the companies approach BPO firms to outsource live chat support service. BPO firms always try hard to ensure that their clients get what was expected to be delivered.

Here we are with some crucial live chat tips that will tell how to keep customers happy. So, have a look:

Provide the chat transcript

It is said that the voice channel is preferred by the most of the customers. In this digital era, the live chat support channel has outshined the telephone one. The most cited reason behind that is this digital channel prevents unnecessary issues as customers get chat transcript after the interaction.

On the flip side, customers never get call transcript after interacting with agents via the voice channel. From the customer’s perception, a copy of the conversation is vital because it could be helpful while wiping-out the same issue at the later stages.

In order to lift the CX levels, BPO firms should tell agents to send the chat transcript to the registered email address of customers. This will bring two major benefits that are good for business growth. Here are those two benefits:

  • The CSAT score will be high.
  • The brand image would be strengthened, which, in turn, leads to positive word-of-mouth publicity.

Make use of canned messages

Do you know why 79% of customers choose live chat to avail the desired resolutions?

The factor that makes live chat support service more popular is its immediacy. Apart from promptness, providing personalised support service is vital to win the hearts of customers. But typing whole sentence in a personalised manner could be very time-consuming and that is not good from the business’s perspective.

In order to keep the CX levels steady, specialised service providers allow chat support agents to use pretyped messages. The major merit of canned messages is they maintain consistency and speed simultaneously.  

But the negative side of canned messages is that they erase the personal touch that customers often want to experience during the interaction with chat support agents.

So, automated messages will be beneficial for business or not depends on how chat support agents use these during the interaction. Therefore, it is significant for BPO firms of UK, Australia, etc. to provide top-notch training so that agents can use canned messages without making any blunder.

Pre-chat surveys are essential

Most of the business owners outsource live chat support service so that customers get better assistance. BPO firms also make sure that their client’s trust always pays off. That’s why BPO firms often conduct pre-chat surveys.  

Conducting pre-chat surveys is significant because if customers provide preliminary information such as their name, a small depiction of queries, etc. then chat support agents could deliver the desired resolutions swiftly. Consequently, the chances of having a long-term relationship with customers get increased.

Chat requests should be accepted automatically

Whenever customers initiate a chat session, they expect that there is someone on the other end who will respond. When chat requests don’t get accepted immediately, customers get frustrated, which consequently, makes a negative impact on the CSAT score.

Obviously, we do understand that responding to all chat support queries at the very same time is next to an impossible task. Here, one idea could work and that is chat request should be accepted by the system automatically and after that pre-chat survey should be given to customers.

This will surely give time to chat support agents to close other ongoing sessions. It is imperative to note that response time shouldn’t be more than a couple of minutes as customers may leave the chat session if they have to wait for a long time span. As a result, this can ruin the business’s reputation.         

Final thoughts:

As per the reports, 73% of customers put live chat service first over other support channels. So, it is vital to render an impeccable chat support service. For the same reason, business should drop the idea to run an in-house call centre and outsource live chat support service as soon as possible.

Apart from the aforementioned tips, there are many ways to keep customers happy. Some of them are:

  • Using a typing indicator.
  • Studying previous chat interactions.
  • Integrating live chat support service with CRM.

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