John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Oppresses Disabled Woman Through False Affidavits

The heights of wickedness that can be shown by a human being towards another person can only be imagined. There have always been reported cases of people putting others through various degrees of torture. However, those people mostly had certain things in common and that includes not being well-informed, the incidence of some mental disorder, and many others. It is therefore very rare to come across an individual who is well-informed, educated and expected to be an example for others in the society stooping so low to spread false information in affidavits just to win a case against a man and her mother.

The woman, Dezrin, has had to endure a very torrid time at the hands of her own husband. Dezrin thought that her only hope of getting out of the house alive and kicking was to let her son Raymond know of what was going on. She therefore wrote a note for her son that read “Dad Abuse Me” and gave it to her son. Raymond also took the matter up and decided to rather involve the law enforcement agencies and the justice department. However, things just went from bad to worse as his dream of seeing his mother happy and lively again was quashed by certain criminal elements within the police service.

John Summers, the lawyer hired by Dezrin`s husband, has made it a point that mother and son must lose the case either by hook or by crook. He started by making claims that Raymond “suffered from mental illness” and as such shouldn’t be allowed to be visiting Dezrin. He peddled this falsehood until Raymond was barred from visiting his own mother in June 2015. Raymond has since that time not been allowed to even see his mother even after obtaining permission from the law courts.

Currently, there has also been another development in the case that all helps in proving how diabolic John Summers can be.

In an affidavit that Mr Summers prepared, he claimed that Raymond had been blacklisted by the ambulance service for some time now. However, upon further investigation it was found out to be completely untrue.

Raymond had called for an ambulance when he found his mother lying in a supine position and not breathing. According to the 9-1-1 call that he placed at that time, he even stayed on the line for some time as the paramedics gave him instructions on what to do to resuscitate his mother. By the time that the ambulance came, the mother had already gained consciousness and up to this day she says she will forever be indebted to her son for what he did that day.

For a mother to appreciate something that her son did for her, it comes as a hit below the belt to realize that John Summers has decided to falsify what actually happened on that day in order to win a case against an elderly woman whose constant abuse at the hands of her husband has rendered her immobile. This is surely the height of wickedness that can be shown by a human being towards another human.

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