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Five Common Health Problems Noise Pollution Can Cause

Are you living in an urban area? If yes, then it is nearly impossible to find complete peace. Even if, you live in the countryside, your noise can disturb your well-being. The question is how? Well, there are several factors that can disturb your well-being, like the traffic, irritable noise from your pool pump and the sound of your rusty gates and more.

You might know that fact that noise pollution can actually act upon health. Now, you may raise a question, like, how noise pollution affects health. To get the answer to this question, you can dive into the below section, where I have discussed this topic.

  1. Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the most obvious effect. Any noise that is above 85 decibels can actually damage your hearing ability. Your everyday life is full of noise, higher than 85 decibel (dB)- a hair dryer(95dB), a gas lawn mower(90dB), swimming pool pump (100dB), a plane take off (120dB) and many more. All these are the common sources of noise.

As per the opinion of the scientist, at 85dB, your hearing damage may occur after about 8 hours of exposure. To minimize this risk, you should think about the preventive measures. For instance, if you noise swimming pump at your home, it’s better to use pool pump enclosure, for saying goodbye to noise. The pump covers are available in different designs. You can choose one, as per your requirements.

  1. Reducing The Brainpower

It is clinically proven that noise pollution can reduce the brain power of a person. A certain type of noise, like, the sound of trains, pool pump, aircraft, road traffic, can prevent children from reading. This will also affect your memory. You will not be able to think properly because of noise. To prevent your brain from getting damaged, you should think about the preventive measures.

  1. Insomnia Or Sleep Problem

Apart from hearing loss, sleep disturbance can be caused by noise pollution. This is the most harmful effect of noise. The short-term effect of sleep deprives include, mood changes, feeling of irritation, decreased cognitive abilities and more. The worst effect of poor sleep is cardiovascular damage. You may start, seeing the signs of insomnia, because of unbearable noise, that prevents you from sleeping.

  1. Psychological Stress

Noise pollution is a major threat to your physical health as well as mental health. There are certain types of noise that may drive you crazy. You will feel annoying when you have to stay amid noise for a long time. Stress, the feeling of irritation is the most common mental health issues that you can face, because of the unbearable sound.

  1. Cardiovascular Problems

As per the opinion of the doctors, noise pollution is linked to cardiovascular disease. Loud noise can trigger a stress reaction, and this affects the nervous system. To stay healthy, you should take steps to get rid of the loud noise.

Hope all the above-given information is useful for you. To know more about this, you may surf the internet and consult the experts.

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