ArticleThe costs and benefits of bulk SMS

The costs and benefits of bulk SMS

With mobile phones changing its perception from a luxury item to a necessity, the future looks bright. It is common that a consumer literally receives a message every day. More and more business are looking to cash in on SMS api reseller in order to reach out their targeted audience. The main reason being that it is an ideal  platform to establish communication with our customers. It increases sales and customer experience is enhanced.

Definition of bulk SMS?

If you have heard of bulk SMS you would have come across terms like mass messaging, bulk test messaging etc. There are a lot more but all of them intend to the same thing. What is the definition of bulk message? It is the process of sending out messages to a large audience at a single go. All powers to the evolution of bulk SMS reseller plan, the power as an advertising tool has made gigantic strides.

The benefits you can derive from bulk SMS

Though traditional advertisement options like print and TV ensures a wide audience reach, its impact is reducing considerably. With social media and website marketing it is effective, but works out to be time consuming and requires in depth attention. With Bulk SMS it has the ability to reach a targeted audience in just a matter of seconds. It is all across the world with minimum effort from a business point of view. Because of this the evolution as a marketing tool has gone on to scale new heights XPlayer.

The various benefits include

Rapid deployment

The moment you apply bulk SMS, messages reaches out to the receiver in just a matter of seconds. In this way messages can reach out to any corner of the world with maximum degree of readability. Research shows that 95 % of messages are read within a couple of minutes

Targeted message

With other message modes a lot of wastage occurs in relation to correct demographics or the audience. Bulk SMS avoids that as messages are directly send to the inbox of the sender. Because of the targeted nature, reach rate of SMS is at 98 %.

Low cost

In comparison to traditional sources of advertisement, the cost of deploying SMS is relatively on the lower side. In fact sending out messages costs you a few cents. Not only this solution is cost effective, but assures a high rate of return. It means that even a small set up can reach thousands of potential clients in just a few minutes XPlayer.

Fewer barriers

Unlike social media, and bulk SMS, with mass SMS you are not going to get lost in filters. With their utility any organization or business can reach their targeted audience in just a few seconds. Yes there are laws in place which you need to be aware particularly about SPAM messages before you start off.

Ease to create and delivery

The best part about SMS is that it works out to be easy to compose. With 160 characters you can reach out to your target audience.

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