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6 ways to get more reviews and ratings for your app

With a plethora of apps emerging into the market each year, it is fundamental to have positive reviews that help you stay on the top charts. These reviews help your prospects know more about your product/service. Indeed, the views of others play a dominant role in purchasing decisions of a potential customer – whether online or offline. If two apps have the same functionality, but one has higher ratings than the other, it is obvious that the user goes for the one that is highly rated.It is analysed that more than 80% of the consumers trust online reviewsas much as personal recommendations.

There are over 3 million apps in the Google Play and App Store, altogether. In such a densely crowded app space, it becomes crucial for developers to infuse elements that will help them stand out from rest. They must find ways to leverage the power of app ratings. It allows them to make the most out of the positive ratings and also drive organic downloads.

To enhance the ratings and reviews of your app, here are six ways that you can employ:

Use the plug-in feature for app review

The best way to receive reviews or ratings is to prompt the user right then and there. Developers can pick from a wide variety of turn-key plugins for iOS or Google Store. For example, they can go for a pop-up box that asks them to click their response or to embed a feedback function in the app itself. It is quick, easy and brings a huge response. On a side note, they should take care atfixing the time of these plugins. Since the user has that app for a purpose, it might get annoying if they are constantly disturbed and asked for reviews.

Offer incentives for app reviews

Entice users to leave a review. In other words, offer a favor if they respond to your plugins or questions. A common way to do that is to give them an in-app currency for leaving feedback. Additional points or access to exclusive features on a game can also allure users to leave remarks on your app. Nonetheless, it needs careful consideration. Make offers that are ethical and not forceful. Lately, Apple has started to remove all those applications that incentivize users to share an app on social media or watch a video. You need to secure honest feedback, and it isn’t going to come your way if the users feel the compulsion for an action.

Direct support for users

Exceptional consumer service always wins the customer. Even at times when the product is not highly standardized, it is the dealership that makes the customer stay there. The high degree of responsiveness from the provider’s end plays a key role in assuring that the customer stays satisfied. These days, you can easily incorporate a two-way instant messaging video on your app to make it more functional for the users. Instead of relying on traditional mail method, you can have a direct chat with the users and understand their mindset. Such interaction makes the user feel valuable, and there are minimum chances of negative reviews on the store site. Additionally, you also receive a good word of mouth. On established AirG Review forums andQuora, people can communicate to their fellows about how they felt overwhelmed with your direct response, intimidating others to shift towards your app.

A good user interface

The app has to be highly optimized. Regardless of the function you serve, it is vital that your app is operable. Make sure that all elements of the app blend perfectly. The display items such as background, fonts, icons, and images should all go along with the theme. Bizarre appearance of text, constant push-up notification boxes, and images that do not fit the screen are all the elements that make the user run away. Chances are, they will go for a rival app that is offering a better user interface.

An optimized user interface means that people do not have to sift across pages when they are looking for something. The content has to be simple, appealing and easily downloadable. Your only motive is to provide a solution to the visitors as soon as they come to the first page of your app.  Hence, the layout must go efficiently with the content.

Integrate social media

Have social media channels to increase awareness about your app. Remind the visitors to cross-promote your app through newsletters, emails, and social media accounts. You can also contact influential bloggers, vloggers, and social media celebrities to promote your app while it is in the beta stage. It helps to get enough number of reviews before you officially launch your app.

Work on distinction

Avoiding similarity has to be your prime focus if you are coming up with a game, product or service that is already present in huge numbers. Not only the layout, but the overall app should offer something that is different from others in the market. App monetization is an imperative element to consider if you are willing to get a large number of positive reviews. Whatsapp versus IMO is a good example of app monetization. In short, if your app brings in something that many others are offering, it is not going to make it through the top list.

All these ways illuminate how there are some clever ways to obtain more ratings and reviews for your application. It is not only the structure of the app that matters, but the content must be meaningful as well.  Your distinct features, unique services and the exceptional methods of delivering them are all that give your users a reason to rate your app. They shall surely rave about it if in their reviews.

The bottom line is, optimizing and progressing are the steps that you should never let go offwhen your goal is to retain a leading position in the app market.

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