The craze of fat bikes is not done yet. Fat bikes are here to stay in the trend. Scott and many leading names are making fat bikes. Saying that fat bikes have fallen short in making a permanent spot in the world of mountain biking, this makes no sense. This will make your knowledge of biking questionable. There are many cycling enthusiasts transitioning to Fat Scott mountain bikes. Scott is known for producing some of the best light weight aluminum bikes including fatties. Admittedly, there is a community of cyclists that refuses to see a fat bike as a mountain bike.
However, the fact is, people are buying and using fat bikes as mountain bikes. Fat  Scott mountain bikes are now getting attention and spotlight.

Fat bike
Although fat bikes are specially designed for soft and unstable terrains including mud, snow or sand. These bikes are very common in plain areas as well. Using normal mountain bikes is not possible in Alaska and other places where winter is long, cold and snowy.

Fat bikes have oversized tires. Rims are typically 2.6 inches wide and tires are typically 3.8 inches wide. The diameter of the wheel is typically 26 inches. The rigid frame of the bike and the size of the tires make this bike ideal for rough and off-road conditions. In case you feel that it is not enough, you can find fat bike models with combined front or front and back suspension. These models are really good for the really rough stuff.

What are the pros and cons of fat bikes?
You have read some random article on the web telling you some five or six reasons for buying a fat bike. After reading one such article, you still don’t know whether a fat bike is the right bike for you or not. This bike is really good at doing the job it is intended to do. The tires of regular mountain bikes will sink in sand, snow or mud. However, a fat bike will manage to float on these surfaces.
The wide contact area of fat tires gives a good grip. These tires give extra traction required to float over surfaces like snow, sand, deep mud and rocks. This bike is made to work in extreme conditions.

However, if you are buying this for normal trails, you will have to keep rolling resistance and the increased weight in mind. Your ride will be slow. And, you will be deprived of the precision. Apart from that, you will have to spend a little more in order to buy a fat bike.

Regular mountain bike Vs fat bike
Fat Scott mountain bikes can take you to places where your regular mountain bike cannot take you. A fat bike is perfect for off-road expeditions rides. A fat bike will keep you in the best shape during the winter. Although there is no point of buying a fat bike in plain areas. Still, people in plain areas are buying fat bikes.   

If you want to buy a fat bike, you can visit an online store selling fat here Scott mountain bikes..