Teens are on their phone all the time, using social media and the internet to stay in touch with their friends. But the internet is not always a happy place. All sorts of people are present there and there is a great risk of online predators, imposters and cyber bullies targeting people for negative means. Many parents don’t take cyberbullying as an actual bullying, but cyberbullying is far more dangerous than they think. The sole purpose of cyber bullies is to harass, threaten or humiliate people and especially children and teens. The results of cyberbullying can be fatal; Ryan Halligan, Megan Meier and Jessica Logan are only some of the unforgettable suicides resulting from cyber bullies.

Parents need to protect their teens from the dangers lurking online. Child internet safety is a crucial thing. Parental controls empowered by smart technology like FamilyTime parental control app can ensure teen’s online and offline safety. So why not shift to the smart lane to make parenting an easy job?

Why use Family Time?

There are many parental controls in the market, but the most popular among parents these days is feature rich Family Time. Family Time is an all-inclusive, features filled app which is compatible with both iOS and Android. It lets parents monitor their child’s web and real life activities with a single online Dashboard. The user-friendly interface and affordable price make this app a great tool to fight cyber-crimes.

How can Family Time help fight cyber bullying

Family Time has a wide range of interesting features. Some of them are; Location tracking, Geo-fence locations, Watch list contacts and much more. In case of cyber bullying Family Time empowers parents by giving them the control to:

  • View their teens’ web-history and bookmarks.
  • Enable safe internet search
  • Put web filters
  • View complete list of installed apps.
  • Blacklist any inappropriate app.
  • View their app usage frequency to see how much time they spend on each app.
  • Schedule screen locks for specific time duration at any given time
  • Remotely lock their devices
  • Allocate specific hours for device use to kids
  • Specify time for an app usage

And much more. Do you wish to have a look at the app in detail? Why not give it a try for free? With the trial of the app, you get access to all premium features of Family Time for complete 3 days. Isn’t it great? It certainly is.

Teens, no matter how troubled they are, refer to the internet instead of telling their parents. With Family Time, parents can observe if their teens are going to the internet for help by keeping a check on their internet usage. Once parents observe their teen’s behavior, they can directly communicate with them and help them out. It is better that parents’ guide them, rather they are misguided on the internet.

Make internet a safe place for teens

Parents want to make their teens safe in real life, but they should understand that teens spend more time on their phones than doing anything else; which makes them all the more vulnerable to cyber crimes. Internet safety should be a priority for parents, and Family Time parental control app can be of great help in keeping teens safe. With its compatibility and a long list of interesting apps, it can be said that Family Time is a complete parental tool!

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