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7 Great Exercises for Reducing Fat from Hips

Many women are clearly aware of the fact that one of the areas where more fat builds up is the hip. Avoiding this accumulation is the goal they all share, but sometimes not all have the same means or the situation is different. In this article, we will discuss the best exercises to reduce hip.

If your situation is too complicated and clusters of fat are actually too bulky, it is possible that these exercises take too long to achieve the results as you want. For these cases, liposuction may be the right solution because it is much faster and has guaranteed results without exercise during prolonged treatment results. Here I offer the best specific exercises to eliminate too wide hips with huge fat accumulation.

There exercises offer better results in treating a particular area, but you are not always limited to such routines for your training and can combine different exercises and sports which will be the best decision.

1 – Hip Lifts

I recommend performing this exercise on a mat or padded mat. You have to lie sideways on one side of the hip and raise the opposite leg repeating the movement about 8-12 times per set.

2 – Circular Motions

Lying on a mat, you must exercise your hip elevating the legs moving in a circular fashion. Repeat at least for 15 seconds, alternating the direction of rotation.

3 – Leg Abductions

In this position, lift your legs individually to the corresponding side looking to form a line parallel with the ground.

4 – Adducts of Legs

In the same position as last one, the purpose of this is to stretch the legs backwards, trying to hold it for 1 second and recovering the initial position in a slow manner.

5 – Stairs

If possible on a stair, stand in front of the first step and raise one leg doing joint movement as if you were to go up the step, go back to starting position and repeat with the other leg; pick up speed but coordination is critical.

6 – Squats

Squats working for the hip area as well as strengthen the legs; it is essential to adapt the exercise to this specific area and you can help with dumbbells for better results.

7 – Running

Running is a sport to burn calories and fat will be reduced significantly in your body in general and in particular from hips. 35-40 minute session will be sufficient to decrease the fat in your hips.

These exercises are very good and are designed specifically to lose weight and eliminate fat from the hips, but you must accompany them with adequate rest, hit with repetitions and modify your physical condition as well as give special importance to your diet. These are the best tips and tricks that you can apply to reduce hip fat and stick with the figure that satisfies you.

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