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Iphone XS max smartphone review

Being introduced amongst the audience as a great smartphone brand, Apple has been consistent in stealing the market every year with its magical technological introductions. It recently launched the Iphone X, XS and XS Max series which is successfully intimidating the consumer base to look up to the brand for excellence. Out of the series, iPhone XS Max has been recorded as one of the most selling variant and is also the most favorite amongst its continuous customers. So, let us review the Iphone XS Max and see all the detailed specifications of what is there in this brand new phone from the series.

The design

IPhone’s X series are popular for the new designing introduced by the brand. These smartphones are adorned with glass, stainless steel and notch design. There is OLED full-screen display, glass back, stainless steel band in the XS and XS Max variant. Besides this, the consumers will get wireless charging for the easiest user experience of all times. Truedepth camera is placed at the notch of the screen in iphone XS Max giving it a defined design. There are a few issues, however. Iphone XS Max is a major telephone and it is felt that Apple ought to have improved manage its size. For instance, with the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has utilized bends to nearly mask the measure of the gadget and make it feel littler.

It’s Display

Display of this phone comes as its one of the unique features. There is this 6.5 inch display which comes as the biggest display Apple has ever introduced. Like the iPhone X, the iPhone XS Max trench LCD screen tech for OLED, and the advantages are quickly self-evident. Buyers can without much of a stretch vary the energy in the hues. Match that with full-screen display of the phone and you have a standout amongst the most vivid boards available. All things considered, this smartphone may supplant an iPad a lot of the times. A year ago, Apple introduced and loved the idea of the notch (according to the user preferences). This year, the organization appears to gladly shroud it with the XS Max. For instance, the default backdrop keenly makes the score undetectable; it’s scarcely unmistakable on any of Apple’s press materials.

The incredible performance

Apple and its iphone is popular for its great performance delivering satisfaction to almost all its customers since decades. With XS Max, the level of expectation as well as of deliverance, the overall performance of the brand improved or developed. Iphone XS Max is a very fast phone powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic SoC. It has 4GB RAM and 7nm chipset making it an efficient smartphone. This chipset being 7nm rather than the 10nm chip of the A11 Bionic, enables a more noteworthy number of transistors to be pressed inside the silicone. This prompts a progressively effective chip. The feature highlights for the new chip are a 15% quicker CPU, half quicker GPU, another neural motor for AI and more.

Sound quality and speakers

Iphone XS Max’s speakers are louder as well as clearer than any of the other Iphone variant. The brand has not been deviating from its previous speaker placement. In the particular smartphone, the speakers are placed next to lightning port and the notch. Apart from this, Apple has improved its sound quality which means that the speaker next to lightning port is no longer the one more powerful. Apple promotes an enhanced soundstage through the stereo speakers. On the off chance that you truly listen intently you can hear somewhat more detachment between the left and right channels and more profundity to the sound quality, yet not significantly so. Like the last two ages of iPhones, you won’t discover an earphone jack on the iPhone XS Max. In case regardless you’re irritated with its evacuation, you’d best grappled with it since it’s failing to come back.


Iphone is that one smartphone which renders the users with DSLR quality pictures. Its camera is so defined and exact which enables it to click the best shots ever. Initially, the double back cameras don’t appear to have transformed from the iPhone X. The two cameras are still 12 megapixel shooters — one wide-point focal point with f/1.8 opening and one 2x zooming focal point with f/2.4 gap. The two cameras have worked in optical picture adjustment to decrease instability. Furthermore, the iPhone XS cameras still shoot 4K video at up to 60 fps and moderate mo. 1080p video at up to 240 fps. However, it is apparently seen the megapixels are the equivalent, the picture sensors that retain light are better than anyone might have expected. The camera focal point is additionally somewhat more extensive than on the iPhone X so you can fit more into casing. Self-adjusting with the iPhone XS Max cameras is additionally detectably quicker — 2x quicker as indicated by Apple thus a lot speedier than on iPhone X.

What are the major PROS and CONS?

Exactly as much as we can from the review, let us have a view of the pros and cons or the bad and good of iPhone XS Max:


  1. A better camera with extremely clear image quality
  2. A design that makes you want this device in your hands- unique, embellished and beautiful
  3. Full-screen displays making the gaming experience or video streaming even more defined
  4. A rather more responsive FACEID
  5. Performance better than a lot of android smartphones


  1. Expensive. (An expected bad about IPhone). Iphone XS Max is priced at $14025 which is like heart breaking but if you have decided to purchase this beast then you can avail Target Promo codes to get some discounts.
  2. Battery life is not that good if we are to compare it with Iphone X
  3. Headphone Jack dongle is not included with the handset. (Seriously? Yes!)
  4. There is fast charger or USB Cable included. This means, you are paying this huge amount on the handset only and then you will go on to purchasing all the accessories for it.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the best and most amazing iPhones Apple’s at any point made. The two telephones are Apple’s best mix of equipment and programming. Also, they’re for all intents and purposes indistinguishable, put something aside for screen size and battery life.

Keeping all the points in mind, IPhone XS Max has passed the efficiency test which makes it a must have in today’s technology oriented world. So, go on to grab your handset now with some great deals available on Target online store. A great save can be yours with the new smartphone.

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