The entrepreneurs across the world have been experimenting with different tools and tactics to keep their business secrets, avoid data breaches and enhance employee productivity. All these things are correlated with the income and profit of the business.

While many employers still use human labor to supervise their business operations, some have started taking help from software and mobile phone applications to monitor and manage their businesses distantly.

In this article, we have discussed TheOneSpy cell phone spy software that is intended for employers to protect their business data and keep workers from getting involved in malicious acts. Read on to know how this app enables employers to give their business a boost with cell phone monitoring.

TheOneSpy Cell Phone Spy Software

THeOneSpy Monitoring

The cell phone monitoring enables employers to keep their workers under surveillance and supervise the information disseminated via cell phones of suspicious employees. TheOneSpy cell phone spy app enables employers to monitor and manage the mobile phones of their working staff without having physical access.

Once you install the spy app on the targeted cell phone, you can monitor all online and offline activities performed on that device via an online portal of the spy app. Simply log into the online control panel of the spy app on your mobile phone or computer and start seeing what your disloyal workers are doing on their phones.

TheOneSpy Cell Phone Spy Software Compatibility

The cell phone tracking app is compatible with Android mobile phones running Android OS versions 5 to 8.1. It supports Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, HTC, Haier and many other Android phone brands. It works on all mobile phone networks.

How TheOneSpy Spy Software Protects Business Secrets

Employee Monitoring.

The spy software lets you protect your important business information which may consist of emails, messages, photos, videos, voice recordings or in some other form. You can also keep your workers’ online and offline activities to ensure they do not transmit the company’s sensitive information to unauthorized persons.

Protect Business Data

The cell phone spyware app lets you protect data stored on company-owned mobile phone devices. No matter, whether it is in form of text messages, multimedia messages, contact numbers, photos or videos.

It creates an online backup of almost the entire data stored on the targeted cell phone. It protects your necessary data from getting deleted accidentally or intentionally. You can retrieve the deleted information anytime and from anywhere by logging into the online control panel of the spy app.

Minimize Data Breach

Hundreds of companies worldwide had to compromise on their data due to data breach incidents. Many data breaches occur due to the negligence of workers. The hackers and scammers may also grab important information of your business by getting access to your computers or mobile phones.

The hackers usually send phishing emails and lure the receiver to open infected attachments and links in that email. The employers can monitor all emails received by their workers to ensure there is not any phishing email. Also, they can supervise the dissemination of data by their workers to ensure not any sensitive data is leaked.

Monitor Social Media Accounts

The displeased workers head towards social media and other online platforms to leak company information. The cell phone spy app lets you monitor social media accounts of your workers including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Skype, Snapchat and many other social and instant messengers.

Track Internet Usage

The cell phone spy software lets you supervise the internet usage of your workers. You can identify whether your workers are using the company internet productively or for personal purposes. It also lets you know what sort of websites they visit and at what times. The internet usage of suspicious workers may help you get clues of misconduct.

Supervise Workers’ Online Accounts

The employee surveillance software lets you closely watch out the online accounts of your suspicious and displeased workers. You can get keylogs of usernames, passwords and email addresses of online accounts operated on the monitored cell phone. Also, you can take the advantage of live screen recording and on-demand screenshots to know what your target is doing on the monitored Android smartphone in real-time.

There are many other ways you can supervise your workers’ online and offline activities and protect company assets and confidential information. To know more about the cell phone spy software, visit to get more details: