General7 Important Cleaning & Maintenance Tips of Marble Appliances

7 Important Cleaning & Maintenance Tips of Marble Appliances

It is true that Taj Mahal, which is the eighth wonder of the world admires its beauty because of the shining marble, right.

Can your home’s marble appliances remain so clean always? No wonder, my attraction with the pristine white marble made me do some research. And I came up with these tips that keep the marble appliances of your house clean and maintained.

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Cleaning & Maintenance tips for Marble Appliances

If you are facing problems with cleaning your marble and frustrating with the difficulty of caring for your marble appliances too. Do not to worry about all these things. In this article, you will learn some essential tips to avoid various problems with marble care and make maintenance easier.

#1. For light stains

Always try & clean up water stains and spills as soon as possible just to avoid any liquid, which is being absorbed into your marble appliances. So, wet a soft cloth with warm water and wipe away the unwanted stains or spills. But remember one thing, which is very important that never use a stiffened sponge to clean marbles surfaces.

#2. For heavy stains

Never use vinegar or acidic products for bigger stains. Only use a soft cloth in a circular motion and rub out any stains that you find on the surface. So, go out and purchase a non-abrasive natural cleaner.

How to maintain a marble appliance

Looking to maintain a newly cleaned look on your marble? If yes, then go through with these quick tips of marble maintenance:

#1: Polish

If you want your kitchen range hood to shine brightly under your kitchen light, then instead of using waxing, buy an all-natural marble polish. Therefore, by using a soft leather cloth, polish your counters to perfection and wait at least one hour before rinsing & drying your kitchen hood.

#2: Sand out flaws or imperfection

You will definitely feel bad if you see a scratch or an imperfection in your marble items like marble sinks, marble tubs, etc. In case, if the scratch is not disappearing, then try using course-grit sandpaper and gently rub out the scratch. But for heavy-duty damage, call the professionals.

#3: Immediately clean up after spills

If the spills are not cleaned up soon after they occur then stains will occur, so immediate cleaning is a must.   

#4: Protect your Marble Floors

In order to protect your marble and preserve their astonishing look, use runners & mats on your marble floors.

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#5: Use only Marble Cleaners

While cleaning any marbles appliances use only cleaners that are specially designed for marbles. The reason is that common household cleaners can have harsh acids or alkalis that could scratch or dull your marble surface.

#6: While Cleaning Use Only Soft Sponge or Cloth

For cleaning up a mess left on marble items or tiles, special marble cleaning solutions are to be used. For example, hot water & chamois (a leather cloth) can also be used to clean the surfaces so as to improve efficiency.

#7: Use Coasters

To prevent accidental drops of beverages or any materials from touching them to prevent etching use coasters. As coaster is considered as a smart choice and treat your marble appliances as good as wooden furniture.

But, it is advisable whether you are cleaning a light or heavy stains, always use a soft & dry cloth after to wipe out any remaining lines or water from the cleaning cloth. It is always better to wipe out your marble appliances clean than to let them air dry. Because this will give you a more polished surface and help to avoid liquid absorption. For assistance, you can hire a reliable cleaning agency in Melbourne.

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