World NewsAre Hadoop Certifications Necessary for the Role of Data Scientist?

Are Hadoop Certifications Necessary for the Role of Data Scientist?

To keep pace with the rising demands for certified big data professionals and certified data scientists, there was a surge in certification bodies offering credentials to the eager professionals wanting to augment their career to a next level. However, what you need to know before applying any certification program is that –

  1. The certification is recognized and is reputed in the industry
  2. It is vendor neutral and teaches you all the latest tools, techniques and practices of the industry
  3. It enhances your employability factor
  4. It value-adds to the employer

If the certifications you have opted for are fulfilling all the above-mentioned check-list, then you could be sure that you are on the right track. And with right certifications on your portfolio you would be soon become recruiters’ favorite while seeking job.

Hadoop Certifications and Your Career as Data Scientist

No doubt recruiters seek certified data science professionals. However, if you are Hadoop-certified professional then you are the candidate, hiring managers need for their organization.  But why Hadoop certification? What is the connection here? Let’s find out –

Hadoop Certifications would really help you in your career if you are seeking a role as a data scientist. Here’s how –

  1. As a data scientist, you would know the importance of Hadoop when the volume of data exceeds the system memory or when you want to distribute the data across multiple servers. This is where Hadoop tool would come to your help, as it would be help you transport data to various different nodes on a system at a quicker pace.
  2. Hadoop would come to your aid when you are exploring the data. Remember that as a data scientist you would be spending 80% of your time in data preparation. And data exploration plays quite an important role in the process. Hadoop application is quite good at data exploration, as it helps data scientists in figuring out the complexities in the data, which they are not able to understand.
  3. Hadoop also comes handy during data filtration. With the help of Hadoop, data scientists could filter lots of data as per the business house’s requirements.
  4. Data Scientists also need Hadoop for data sampling. As a data scientist you would have to do the data sampling in order to get a good view of what’s there in the raw data that could be useful for you or the organization. And when you are sampling the data using Hadoop application you get a fair idea of what would work and what wouldn’t.

There are numerous other reasons why you should go for Hadoop if you want to become data scientist. Now that you know how Hadoop would help you in your career, here’s where you could get your Hadoop data scientist certifications from reputed credentialing bodies like Hortonworks, Dell EMC, Edureka, Data Science Council of America or DASCA and Cloudera among others.

Each of these credentialing bodies have a good standing in the industry and offers Hadoop certifications that are specially curated to teach you the current format and practices of the big data industry. With Hadoop Certifications on your portfolio you would become an apple of recruiters’ eyes as Hadoop is an essential skill for a data scientist to listen to what data is saying and find not only solutions but also at times problems from them and help organization stay ahead in competition.

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