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The Advantage of Creative Employees

Social media is trending with a new buzz every day. In all honesty that is what social media is all about. The one thing common about all that is trending is that they do not promise you sustenance.

Companies are going future forward and there is an undeniable race to sustain and stay relevant. So, a trending topic once a while won’t suffice. And being at the top of the game every single hour can be a bit too tedious. Have you tried going the creativity path yet?

Train your employees

Organizational creativity may be a “light bulb” on the usual PowerPoint presentations. But then to initiate a culture of creativity is not the same as switching on a light bulb. Walking down at the office one Monday morning and calling all hands meet to do the creativity jig is not how to go about it. You start with Workforce-breeding as a strategy for organizational change. The culture of creativity should not stand out, but should be as obvious as employees checking work email while at office. Training and development programs should be your fore fronts of implementing creativity in workforce. Use the learning initiatives to encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

Talk and encourage speaking up

Even with the training sessions and that impetus to think out-of-the-box not all your employees will come up with creative ideas. Some of them are not very forthcoming with new ideas. The next step up is to communicate with equity. Your employees are people and they have their individual response for a given piece of communication. Customize communication keeping in mind the individuals. Follow-up the learning from training with collaborative communication. Listen to what your employee has to say. Understand individual differences in perception to listen effectively.

Failure is just a part of learning process

Fear of failure can be a real spoil sport while it comes to coming up with creative ideas. Often companies stuck to the same old path because it works. The old saying goes ‘don’t fix what’s not broken’. But then the Floppy Disc people were replaced by Compact Disc people and they are replaced by streaming. None of the former was broken, they were replaced as they did not think one step ahead to stay relevant. And when it comes to future forward thinking hit and trial is the best strategy. With a team that is nurtured to be creative, you sure have a lot of ideas.

Professional Partnership

Partnering with Workforce Credentialing solutions can be a great upgrade towards creativity. You integrate best organizational practices and sustainable method. The last time we checked a stable system in place gives you time to think big and think creative. Ushering creativity in the bloodstream of an organization is not a day process. So, it is not just about one session or just that seminar on creativity. The process of instilling creativity runs deep and it is an everyday effort.

How creative is your team and are you opening up to new ideas as drive towards organizational excellence?


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