Being a certified professional is a growing trend, especially in the realm of technology where change is the only thing that is constant and one has to cope up with the ongoing alterations by keeping themselves up-to-date.

Learning about upcoming technologies is what dexterous individuals fancy these days and with heavy discoveries, such as Blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science, coming into the scenery, gaining skills through relevant certification programs has picked up momentum to an extreme degree.

Laborious people have comprehended the fact that superior, sophisticated technologies like these are here to stay and shall rule the world of business for an infinite period of time. Therefore, it would be a lucrative decision to acquire knowledge and use it practically in the work field.

One particular invention that is attracting extra attention is Blockchain that took birth as an underlying technology for the very popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and went on to entice people towards the countless usages that it has to offer. There is an extensive line of companies that are wanting to capitalize this secure, distributed ledger that has the potential to make a big improvement in the business arena.

And correspondingly, the demand for professionals owning blockchain skills is soaring big time. Employers are on the verge of chasing blockchain specialists with big bucks in their hands to offer. Further, this scenario has enhanced the count of certifications in Blockchain Technologies that are being framed and offered by the most reputed institutions in the world.

In this article, I present a list of certifications programs that will prove to be of great help to you in your strenuous endeavor to learn Blockchain Technology.

The Best Blockchain Certifications

  1. Certified Blockchain Expert

The certification program, offered by the Blockchain Council, has received immense attention from people toiling to find the doorway to the Blockchain world.  CBE encircles an intense training program constructed to impart the knowledge of building blockchain applications for business and apply their learnings for the betterment of organizations. The makers of the certification have made a profound effort to make the course as communicative as possible.

  1. Business Blockchain Professional

The first-rate certification, presented by the Central Blockchain Council of America, BBP has managed to create a massive impact on aspiring Blockchain Professionals by providing them with an exceptional platform to gain knowledge of the comprehensive concepts, and principles of the Blockchain Technology that they can confidently exhibit to the employers and give a kick start to their careers. The certification has been specially designed to prepare professionals to build and implement efficacious Blockchain strategies.

  1. Blockchain Certification from the State University of New York

This certification is gaining some major prominence, especially because of the extraordinarily laborious faculty carrying years of experience that the University has hired to teach this program. The coursework has been created with diligently in order to assist people in learning about fabricating, deploying as well as execute smart contracts for producing decentralized applications along with spreading a wide understanding of the complete Blockchain ecosystem.


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