In order to stream media and similar stuff on the Roku, you certainly require a decent internet speed and high-quality signal strength. It is very important to occasionally check the signal strength you get after setting up the Roku streaming device using So, check the strength of signals – it should say excellent.

On the other hand, low or poor connectivity can result in Roku buffering issues and playback problems or low signal strength message on Roku. In this post, we have provided some valuable ways to troubleshoot this issue. Here we go.

Low Signal Strength Message on Roku

You will receive a message on the screen showing low signal strength with a series of steps to fix it. The gadget requests you to move the router to a suitable place for signal recognition and even asks you to utilize a wireless range extender to improve the network coverage. You simply need to hit ok at the message to verify your choice. Additionally, an HDMI extender link can really enhance the quality of the signal that you are getting after Roku setup through Roku no CC link or normal activation code.

Enhancing the Signal Quality

Here are a few things that you can do to enhance the signal strength of your device.

Signal Strength Checking

On the off chance that you think your internet speed isn’t up to the mark, you will see playback issues or purple screen Roku (in very few cases). Check the signal strength by navigating to network settings. From there on, check the signal strength to see whether it says excellent. Something besides excellent just implies that there are a few issues with the signal strength. Contact your ISP or Internet Service Provider to troubleshoot this issue. You ought to know that the minimum recommended speed begins at 1.5 Mbps for standard definition content and goes up to even 25 Mbps in the event that you wish to stream 4K and Ultra HD.

Remote Channel Changing

In the event that you are residing in a zone where broadcasts are intense, different systems around you could be an obstruction. In such cases, try changing the router’s broadcast channels having no overlapping frequencies. Shift the router over to the 5GHZ band on the off chance that you are on a double band.

Getting a New Router

At times regardless of whether you have tried everything else, you still may not be pleased with the connection. In simple words, you are still seeing some clear buffering and playback issues. At that point, it is most presumably time to change your router gadget. In the event that the router is amazingly old (to be more precise, over five years), it indicates that it is working on older standards. Buy another one with the latest technology version that provides support for 802.11ac particularly implied for newer Roku gadgets, for example, the Premiere and Plus and the Roku Ultra. Also, make sure to perform Roku 3 micro SD install process on your new device so that you face no issues related to device memory.

Change Router Location

The router does not work on the off chance that you have reserved it inside a wardrobe or in the event that you have kept it in a corner. For ideal signal quality, keep the router gadget away from interference-creating devices like refrigerators, electronic appliances, reflexive surfaces, microwave ovens, etc. Particularly if your router is placed close to a window, it implies the signal is actually being produced outside and not inside. Changing the router location will also help you accessing web address without any error.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

You can also update the software and firmware on the gadget. Decrease traffic on the router, on the off chance that you have such a large number of gadgets associated with a single network. Moreover, in case you are utilizing a Roku Express, you have an option to apply a glue strip and place it into the entertainment center. You may need to check for the quality of the signal before doing so.