There are many online identity verification solutions available these days that claim to help online businesses achieve their business goals by eradicating identity theft, cash back requests, and digital frauds. But few come close to the amazing features and KYC services that Shufti Pro has to offer. Its identity verification solutions are tailored for the individual needs of the online businesses, no matter which industry they belong to or which side of the globe they are placed. Below are the top 3 factors that help Shufti Pro ID Verification services to be truly beneficial for its customers:

Artificial Intelligence Based Solution

Shufti Pro is built upon Artificial Intelligence that is integrated with Human Intelligence in order to provide error-free results to Shufti Pro customers. This enables Shufti Pro to provide verification results within 30-60 seconds. Machine learning algorithms are used for every verification processed by the smart system of Shufti Pro. Every verification request that is found dubious by AI is forwarded by the automated system to Human Intelligence as an additional layer of verification to make sure that no false positives are every verified by Shufti Pro. Any attempt of doctoring identity documents or personal information printed on those identity documents is readily identified and request for verification is declined instantly by Shufti Pro.

Multiple Services, Diverse Support

Shufti Pro is not just offering 1 or 2 verification services to its customers but it has a whole verification service pack for its customers. Combination of different verification services is used to offer a more unified identity verification solution to Shufti Pro customers based upon their individual needs as well. Shufti Pro offers

  • Face Verification
  • Document Verification
  • Handwritten Note Verification
  • ID Verification
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • AML Compliance Solution

Shufti Pro is not only phenomenal when it comes to the number of services that it has to offer but also because of document support that it has to offer. For example, Shufti Pro ID Verification can be performed with the help of ID Cards, passports as well as driving licenses. Shufti Pro is also available in over 230 countries of the world and supports more than 150 languages of the world for its verification services.

Feature Rich back Office

Shufti Pro is truly a customer-centric fraud prevention product as all its features and services are directed towards enabling its customers to perform their main business activities without having to worry about the menace of digital scams, online identity theft and users with fake credentials. This is why Shufti Pro offers a feature-rich Back Office to its customers in order to check the verification results in real-time as soon as they are delivered to the end-users. Proof of verification is recorded for Shufti Pro customers to provide them concrete data about their verified customers and the reason for declining a particular verification request is also stored in Shufti Pro back office along with pictorial and video proof.