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How to Go Viral on Social Media – Latest Trends

Your audience is on social media. According to Pew Research Centre study ( ), around 80% of folks living in the US use at least one social media platform. Over 3 billion folks are on social platform worldwide.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be on such type of platform. If you want to create brand awareness among people, thenyou need to create a viral marketing campaign on social media. In this blog post, we will explore a few tips to go viral on social media. Read on…

  1. Recognize and know your audience – You need to put in yourself in the perspective of your audience. Always try to focus on making a video which is something provoking within 5 seconds. Moreover, specific platforms like Instagram, and Youtube enable you to choose a thumbnail or cover for a video. So, you should make a clip that pops!
  1. Choose the right social media platform –Well, every social media consulting firm network is different. First, you should select a platform on which your content cans beviral. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are the best platforms on which you can start a viral marketing campaign; although the content you make will differ relying on the social media platform you select.

If you choose Instagram to post content, for instance, a picture with an enthralling caption or a series of Instagram Stories can ignite viral shares online. On the other hand, content that may perform well on LinkedIn is commonly created from a thoughtful LinkedIn update or from a Pulse article.

  1. Emotional Connection – Emotion compels folks to take action. Few folks eat when their mood is off. After watching a motivational sports movie, a few people go to the gym. The feelings that you get after reading, hearing or seeing something which hits an emotional string influences your behaviour. So, try to create content or video which is emotional and can touch people’s heart.
  1. Create attractive and good quality Content – Quality! Quality! Quality! Creating useful &high quality content is a simple method of viral content on social media.

If you can’t make a content that has practical use as well as actionable, you’ll be far away of this social media viral game.

Many brands make one mistake when marketing their products or services on social media platforms is focusing on advertising campaigns instead of super quality &user-friendly content creation. On the other hand, the successful brands surely have amazing marketing tactics; they put high quality content in order to keep users engaged.

  1. Increase your audiences by adding hashtags – Hashtags play a vital role in targeting more and more visitors on social media platforms. If you’ll add hashtags wherever required, your post will get more audience.
  1. Focus on call to action – Don’t let customers’ engagement go to redundant. Few Brands such as Facebook and LinkedIn keep growing by creating brand awareness via social media. They actuate target audience in order to take a particular action.

In many cases, encouraging the visitors to make a discounted purchase or sign up for a free trial are incredible methods to use the power of viral marketing in order to grow audiences.

  1. Video Content – Videos are a major part of the web, and we all know that they get shared like crazy all over social media platforms.

If you upload a video to Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube and found by people who like what they see, they will certainly share that video to their friends and colleagues. So, this is an automatic promotion of your video and it gets viral.

  1. Tell arelated Story – One of the things that attract many modern users is a related story. People are likely to share the posts with their colleagues and participate in the comments if they appertain to the story you’re telling any personal story. You can create a fictional character that is in common with the members of your audience.

You can also make a series of video where they use the feature of your brand or product throughout their life. If your users attract with your fictional character, they’ll join with your brand.

  1. Consider Trends and Current Events – If you find anything latest, you can create related content so that folks view it as people find the latest things on Twitter, on Google and everywhere else.

Try to always update by keeping an eye on the section of Google News and see Google Trends. You can also pay attention to Facebook or Twitter’s trending topics.

  1. Dare to Be Controversial &Shocking – If you don’t have an issue with going viral for negative things and you’re okay with getting disliked, hated or bad criticized by some folks, you can surprise your users or comment on controversial topics.

When strong emotion is ignited from reading content, folks are certainly likely to be sharing it to look at how their friends may react to it as well. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, it will still go viral!

  1. Be As Different As Possible – If it’s just old ideas content with a normal message,you can’t expect a relevant audience for the same.

If you want to viral on social media, then you have to do something that’s unique. You need to get folks excited and propose them something whichmay affect their feelings.This way,they will certainly share your content with their own networks. 

Final Verdict

By integrating the above-mentioned strategies in this post, you will be able to create useful content for your audience and distribute it on the social media platform. Nobody knows the secret for going viral content, but with the creation of amazing posts or videos that shock, entertain, wow and humour is thrown, your post will surely go viral. So, as an entrepreneur, try to use these secrets and let your post viral worldwide.

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