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The Potential of Digital Credentials

The enthralling benefits of digital badges are catching the attention of a plethora of credentialing bodies that are meaning to explore the power of digital platforms holding the potential to infuse a range of qualities into traditionally issued credentials.

From employers to licensing boards to college registrars, all establishments that withhold the responsibility of providing credentials are taken aback by the advantages that digital badges have to offer to candidates who are looking for various means to get their skills validated. It is fascinating for them to know that it is possible to stack and share achievements conveniently in a digital format.

For those who do not have a complete understanding of digital badges. Here is an explanation that will give you a clear picture of the concept of digital badging and how is it helpful to people searching for ways to make their learnings verified.

Digital Badges

A digital badge is a validation of your accomplishments provided online. It can be seen online as a visual image which, if pressed upon, connects you to genuine information about the name of the issuer and evidence proving the authenticity of learnings acquired by the badge holder.

One of the solid reasons why people are inclined towards the conception of earning digital badges is that they are incredibly rich in data which makes them more communicative than resumes, certificates based on paper, or PDF transcripts. So basically, on one hand, digital badges can be seen as gold stars given to students as a reward for achieving something and, on the other hand, they are a reservoir for institutional & learner information that exhibits one’s knowledge and competencies.

The Rise of Digital Credentials

Correspondingly, conventional credentials are making a shift to be issued digitally, which of course, is generating excitement towards people seeking credentials in different areas of work. It is evidently an awe-inspiring idea to issue traditional credential digitally as it shall enhance their value by multiple times.

It is believed that there is going to be a lot more transparency with long accepted credentials being issued digitally as the horizon of their functionality is going to widen bog time.

The Benefits of Digital Credentials

  1. Can be conveniently shared

The beauty about digital credentials is that they offer valid & secure links that can be sent around in social media (such as LinkedIn) and to prospective employers.

  1. can be read by machines

Digital credentials are backed by factual data, which means that one can produce algorithms that can inject efficiency and accuracy when it comes to workforce management and placements.

  1. Provide hardcore evidence

They facilitate the inspector to review deep links to projects, instructors and portfolios that elevates the reliability quotient of the credential.

  1. Offer traceability

Due to the fact that digital credentials own the capability to move around the world through shared links and social media, measuring the footprint of their impact is not a tough task.

  1. Fast in nature

Digital credentials can be issued in minutes and the learner can begin to use them as soon as they receive them via email or text message and that is also a primary factor for it to be more impactful.


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