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Significant features of memory foam to consider while choosing

When it comes to choosing the best quality mattress, memory foam and latex are the two most popular names that you will heart at every showroom. Mattresses are now available in multiple variants apart from these two materials. One can also go with the pocket coil, innerspring, waterbed and air mattress options. Still, these 2 materials have the upper hand. They are scientifically produced materials to support your spine, neck and lower body part. Rather than just focusing on comfort, these mattresses also promote healthy sleeping. Generally, many customers get confused while choosing between these two variants. This article will surely answer most of the questions and help in making the right decision.

Memory foam Mattress

This was a great invention of the late 60s when the space race was at its peak. Scientists of NASA developed a foam to provide utmost comfort to their astronauts in space. It was meant for cushioning the astronauts so that they prevent from the force of the gravitational pull. At initial stage manufacturing, it was very expensive and only meant for space programs. However, some industries commercialized it and now anyone can buy Visco-elastic memory foam mattresses from online or offline stores. Not only in space, but it is also comforting people on earth in many ways. Read below to gain more knowledge regarding this material.

1) It helps in spine alignment

Most of the spine problems occur due to the wrong mattress material that doesn’t support your entire body. Due to the lack of adequate support, misalignment occurs and patiently suffers from various physical disorders. A Memory foam mattress in Canada provides adequate support to curves, lower back,and spine. Many physicians suggest this mattress to their patients.

2) Pressure points pain relief

It allows the body to adjust properly without resisting upwards. Most of the mattresses resist when weight implies on them. While sleeping on memory foam for a long time, it doesn’t create resistance to upwards. This is the main reason why pressure points always remain in relax position and prevent a person from any pain. This foam is also helping in hospitals to provide adequate comfort on beds and wheelchairs.

3) Accommodate you in different sleeping positions

People sleep in various weird positions and all of them are not suitable for a healthy lifestyle. However, it is uncontrollable because nobody has an idea regarding their position while sleeping. For all kinds of sleeping positions, it is a great material. The Visco foam has property to mold exactly as per the shape of the body. The best memory foam mattress support hips, shoulder, and waste so that your spine remain in even shape.

4) Anti-allergic material

Some materials of mattresses are highly prone to allergic reactions because of the chemical compounds or breathability. This issue has nothing to do with a memory foam mattress. People suffering from any fiber, wool or feather allergy can use it without worrying. It is also a good repellant of mites because of the dense compounds structures.

5) No motion transfer

Motion transfer is a big issue in most of the mattresses. Couples sleeping on same bed face discomfort due to the partner’s movements at night. Especially if you have an innerspring mattress, the motion transfer disturbed everyone. Memory foam is a great option to prevent this problem. For better comfort and temperature resistance, infused gel memory foam mattress variants are also coming in the market.

6) Easy maintenance

Mattresses must be durable and safe enough to survive for a long time without maintenance. Insufficient air flow and compound structure of mattress material are the two main factors that decide how frequently you need to clean or replace your mattress. Memory foam requires minimal maintenance and remain intact for a long time without rotating.

These are some important reasons why memory foam mattress sale is a great deal if you want to replace your old mattress.

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