Article5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Boxes Wholesale

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Boxes Wholesale

Everyone wants to promote their business. A successful man always knows the importance of compact, sleek and perfect packaging. This is going to be a great article for the people interested in joining the custom boxes wholesale industry. Actually, there are many myths and rumors about custom boxes due to which people feel hesitation to make it their first priority.

In this article, I am going to discuss 5 general things everyone gets wrong about boxes wholesale. Along with this, I will also try to throw some light on the significance of custom boxes, and share with you some basic tips to select a compatible packaging supplier according to your requirements.

Misunderstanding No 1:

Reliability: Many people think that paper and cardboard boxes are not reliable. The general concept behind this myth is that these boxes are made up of paper derivate. The major component of these boxes is cellulose that can be easily degraded by certain microorganisms. Due to this, paper boxes are not reliable for long term storage.

But the truth is, that cardboard and paper boxes are treated in a way to protect them against microbial attacks that make them safe and reliable to use.

 Misunderstanding No 2:

Cause of pollution:  people think that to manufacture custom boxes a lot of trees are cut to get paper. Yeah, it is true to some extent but now scientists are trying to develop artificial ways to develop eco-friendly custom boxes with least usage of wood pulp.

On the other hand, cardboard and paper boxes are an outstanding substituent of plastic boxes, because plastic packaging boxes are a major health hazard for aquatic life around the globe.

 Misunderstanding No 3:

Quality:  a lot of people do not give preference to custom boxes just because they think these boxes are fragile and can break easily. They tend to trust plastic and steel cartons rather than paper boxes in order to assure safety.

But, the reality is, paper boxes are quite flexible and eco-friendly. Additionally, custom boxes are cost-effective as well. So, everyone out there should not put their ears on rumors and at least must give a try to this marvelous revolution in custom boxes wholesale industry. What do you say?


Misunderstanding no 4:

Single use:  okay, a very interesting thing came into a survey that many people think; custom boxes are not reliable due to their single use nature. Well, this is extremely wrong, because paper boxes can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, storage of goods and transportation of course, so beautiful readers, custom boxes are surely your thing.

 Misunderstanding No 5:

  Unhygienic:  another hilarious thing that people gets wrong about custom boxes is that these are not hygienic. However, the fundamental concept behind this myth is unclear yet. Maybe, it is due to the aroma coming from these boxes. Well, whatever it is but till now, there is nothing more sterile and hygienic than paper boxes in the packaging industry.

So, don’t worry about myths and choose TheCustomBoxes as reliable custom boxes wholesale suppliers according to your requirements.

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