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Which Institute is Providing a Culinary Diploma Program in Bangalore

All over the globe, the food industry is growing, and India is no different as a nation. These days the trend of eating out is quite popular; the food industry is trying to match this growing demand among masses.
As per information shared by the India Brand Equity Foundation, “The Indian food and grocery market is the world’s sixth largest, with retail contributing 70 percent of the sales. It is projected to grow at the rate of 104 percent, touching US$ 482 billion by 2020”.

Thus, if you go by these numbers, you would notice that there is a lot of need and demand for trained professionals. If you are also looking forward to making a career in culinary arts, you need to possess education and training from a good college. One of the best a Culinary schools in Bangalore is Academy of Pastry Arts(APAI)They have designed the course in three quarters and below is a brief of topics they cover in each quarter
Topics to be covered in Quarter 1

  • Theory and Food safety hygienic
  • Knife skill, cutting technique
  • Identification of Ingredients
  • Principles of Cooking
  • Vegetables and Potatoes
  • Stocks & Basic Sauces
  • Basic Soups
  • Eggs
  • Fish & shellfish
  • Meat & Poultry
  • Grain & Pasta
  • Plated Desserts
  • Assessment

Topic to be covered in Quarter 2

  • Theory
  • Breads
  • Buffet & Staff Meals
  • Complex Sauces
  • Food Preservation & Vinaigrette
  • Force meat & Process Product
  • Game and lamb
  • Indian Cuisine
  • Thai Cuisine
  • Plated Desserts
  • Modern French Pastries
  • Final Assessment

Topics to be covered in Quarter 3

  • Theory
  • Cost Control & Menu planning
  • Basic Molecular and sous vide
  • Classic French Cuisine
  • Fusion Cuisine
  • Italian Cuisine
  • Tandoor cuisine
  • Tapas / Amuse Bouche/ Savoury / Canapes / Plated Desserts
  • Savoury Canape
  • Ice Cream & Gelato
  • Food Wine combination
  • Plated Dessert
  • Final Assessment

Fees Structure:

Below is the detailed fee structure for the diploma programme:

Fee Break-up Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 Quarter 3
Admission Fee 50,000 INR 50,000 INR
Course Fee 3,50,000 INR 5,50,000 INR
Total Fee 4,00,000 INR 6,00,000 INR

Inclusion: Taxes, Uniform, Ingredients, Study Material, Students can consume/ take products home
Exclusion: C&G Fees, Accommodation, Travel, Lunch, Kitchen Shoes and any other personal expenses
Note: Pay for Advance Diploma at once & get a cash discount of Rs. 50, 000.

Other than Diploma Programme, the academy provides part-time program as well of 3 months. Moreover, the academy offers professional bakery course in Bangalore – part time and full time. The whole information is available on their website.
Hope, the article helped you, and now you know what school to go for.


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