Covering almost all main areas this small car is a delight to own

This is the fourth generation Focus and many things have been improved with the passage of time. And the present For Focus is a much better machine than before. This is a proper model, with trim levels to choose from and with them, there is a nice kit offered.

There is that set standard for the automobiles that get upgraded. They are supposed to be better and error-free otherwise the sales will suffer. They have to be practical to attract the families, efficient to remain available for business purposes and if these two are not there then purchasing such a vehicle is wasting your money.

Focus meets these requirements well and the new one is an all-rounder. But there are areas where things are not as they should be. Ford engines have refinement, they respond quickly. There are no parts carried from the previous model.

It is stylish, rich in technology according to the new age and with good interior quality than before. There are reconditioned Ford Focus engines in the market ready for replacement. So maintenance of this sedan and hatchback is not a problem either.

Variety of engines address the need of many buyers

You get petrol range as well as diesel one to choose from and there is a vast variety. Petrol range: For the petrol side there is a 1.0-litre engine three-cylinder but it is not alone, there are three outputs to choose from according to your need.

These are 84 bhp and 123 bhp with the second one being more efficient and have reasonable performance. And then the 1.5-litre is also a three-cylinder engine with 148 bhp or 180 bhp. You get a friendly response from these engines and they rev above 2000 rpm to reach motorway speed.

Diesel engine: The diesel side has four-cylinders and they also have versions attached to these. The first one is a 1.5-litre with 94 bhp and 118 bhp. The second one is a 2.0-litre having a 148 bhp. Many prefer diesel engines due to their economy and efficiency.

All these engines come with six-speed manual shift and it is smooth and quick. There is also an option of the eight-speed automatic transmission with most of the engines but the standard one will be enough.

Handling is comfortable

This section depends on the trim level you choose. For the lower ones, there will be neat moves but the amount of neatness will be a little less. You move up and this factor keeps on improving. But this does not mean that the suspension at lower trims is not refined. It is that it is more refined as the level goes higher.

The body is more in control and the ST-Line set up keeps the balance intact and hence assures agile movement. But if you are not that critical then these things will not be prominent to you. There is a good flow of this car for any surface and the comfort of the cabin is there all the time.

Interior environment

There is a nice layout inside to give you the inviting feel. The seats are comfortable and the 18-way adjustment availability is really praising. You also get the adjustable steering wheel which allows you to be in the right position for an easy drive.

The pedals are in the right place to make the reach easy for the driver. The infotainment system is also a blessing, being easy to use and read. There are neatly placed knobs on the dashboard.

For the infotainment side, the standard equipment, however, is not enough, you have to upgrade to the options to have the advanced technology. But the standard kit is enough for those who are not crazy about more tech.