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Use Brave Puppy App to Help Your Puppy Overcome The Fears of Different Sounds

Does your beloved puppy is happy? Does it scare any kind of sounds or do unusual acts like barking, jumping-up-and-down when it hear any particular sound? Because very often it can be seen that dogs react to different sounds, however, most of the times they stay calm. But, sometimes it may happen that you’re using your coffee grinder or starting your car engine and suddenly your dog gets overexcited or scared. If you notice anything like these, you must teach and train your dog to overcome its fears to those particular sounds that make your dog scared and overexcited.

Naturally, the puppies between the ages of 3 to 16 weeks are really at a critical stage, when what they are exposed and learn, remember for the rest of their life. So, when you have got a puppy, you should try your best to help it to overcome all kinds of fears and phobias to become more social and friendlier.

So, to help your puppy to become familiar with different sounds you can try the app Brave Puppy – a specialized training tool for your cute puppy to overcome its fears of different sounds. Here, below you can read more about this smart training app.

Brave Puppy App

The app Brave Puppy is a new premium dog training tool, carefully developed by Risen Solutionsto train your puppy to overcome its fears and phobias of different sounds. It contains more than 65 different sounds and available for both Android and IOS.

Brave Puppy App Screenshot

It’s so easy to use Brave Puppy, all the sounds you’ll find at the home screen as categorized. There are 8 categories and every category contains 7-12 different sounds. As well as, there is a step-by-step guide you’ll find tapping the menu button. However, here I’m telling the steps in short.

In the beginning, when you play the sounds try low volume because dogs can hear much better than any human can. However, you may need to increase volume later as your puppy progress. And, remember don’t train your dog for a long time, always try to make it short, the ideal time is 5-10 minutes. During training, when you see your puppy is reacting to any sound and getting overexcited or doing any unusual activity. Then reassure it telling something like “it’s okay, no fear”. Always remember, don’t do anything that makes the fears worse of it, like “oh you poor thing” “is it really scary” or anything else.

Your dog is your best friend and it looks at you to learn how to react. So, stay calm and be a confident leader to help your loving dog to become more happy, smart, friendlier, and social overcoming its fears.

Wrap Up

So when you have got a puppy, make sure that your puppy is happy and friendly with you, with all of your family members, and the environment. Otherwise, you can’t have fun with your puppy!

Always, try to teach and train something your puppy and have fun with it. And, try Brave Puppy. Actually, it’s a kind of training tool that didn’t exist before. Just start using it and help your cute puppy to become more happy and smart overcoming its fears and phobias of all the sounds out there.

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