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Top trends in human resource development

Isn’t 2019 a year of technology, innovation, and digital space? With much advancement in technology and innovation, HR management is also facing a tremendous career shift. Talent has become very crucial at all spheres of jobs. Companies are now attracting the best talent to keep the best employee in an interesting job market. So, it comes naturally that even the HRs need to keep up the pace with the trending job market.

This is the year of technological advancement which is why HR software is also moving beyond its base functionality in terms of benefits management, time and attendance, recruitment, and professional development etc. With many functions becoming completely digitalized, the HR should be in the constant lookout to implement the latest HR tech trends and start adapting them to remain relevant in the competitive world.

So, in today’s competitive business environment, it is imperative that human resources development management should start preparing for the new workforce.

  • Embrace HR tech and analytics

It is said that almost 76% of employers are currently having a diversity strategy in place, having an unconscious bias in the recruitment process and company culture is hard to embrace. To help reduce this bias, around 45% said that they’re conducting diversity training. Among which 37% are using technologies like big data, AI and 33% machine learning to help source diverse candidates.

  • The purpose is a concern

Employees don’t’ just want high paychecks. They actually want to find meaning in the work they do. Some of the best HR leaders evaluate one’s social purpose and corporate responsibility–now how to fit into organization’s goal and value.

  • Use of technology to get access to better talent

In 2019 (this year), almost 81% participants agree that technology has made recruitment simpler and easier. At the same time, almost 92% now believes that adopting technology enhances attraction, engagement and also retention of talent.

  • Talent management

Many companies have now realize the value of their employees, thus adopting the people-first approach to business. This practice not just resulted in a good investment of some great talent, but also received support both for personal and professional development of employees. Use of HR tech is already been implemented, this is to ensure employees on how their contribution will make an impact on the business.

  • Performance management

To make sure an employee is set at a certain environment where they can perform the best of their abilities. It is a whole system where it begins when a job is defined as per the need. This then ends when the employee leaves the company or organization. By doing so, you will be able to interact with the employee at every step while working for the same organization.

In conclusion

Are you prepared to bring your organization to where it needs to be today? Though it may seem daunting but it is worth a try. You’ll get there faster than you think, you just need to consider these trends and start sharing the same goal. Today, the technology is envisaged to make the HR professional teams more productive in multiple ways.

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