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What to do after Completing B.E./B.Tech in Civil Engineering

Having expertise and knowledge of ‘what’ of the built environment comes from bachelors in Architecture or Civil Engineering. However, the question arises, what to do after civil engineering?

It is evident that the real estate and construction sector has enough scope and the people in the industry are not qualified as per what the requirement is. People have realised that people can take their career graph to next level with advanced training in the specific field. Therefore, a lot of students look for options after civil engineering.

If you wish to pursue a career in real estate and construction, you should explore career options after civil engineering. You are likely to find that most of the better paying jobs demand masters degree in any discipline. Here are some of the options one can consider while thinking of a masters degree after bachelors in this field.

Masters in Architecture and Urban Design– The students opting for this course become well versed with knowledge in the fields of architectural design, real estate and public finance, design culture, urban governance, and the humanities. Keeping the above-mentioned areas in mind, they have created a design studio sequence for the development of analytical, projective and speculative design work addressing complex urban dynamics, globally.

MBA in construction project management – MBA in construction project management aims to make the students excel in the fields. The possible career options after this degree is construction project manager. The major role of the professional is to be a team player and understand how to manage a team. The course guides you to understand how to lead a team of specialists including architects, structural engineers of Project management, Business management, Construction, and sustainability.

MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure – For the students interested in urban infrastructure, it is a unique program which maintains a balance of technical and managerial aspect. The curriculum includes highly advanced structure guidance in the field of Business Development, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Valuation, and Finance Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management.

MBA in construction economics and quantity surveying – For the people interested in managerial role after civil engineering, this program is what the student will need. The curriculum is structured to understand fields such as procurement, commercial management, financial management of construction projects. As a professional, you will get a chance to work on different types of projects like commercial offices, residential, hotel, hospital, and institutional buildings, industrial buildings, roads, highways, bridges, and infrastructure.

Hope this article is a complete solution for the question – What do I do after Civil Engineering. In India, RICS SBE is the only institute that offers BBA and MBA in Real Estate Management. The course is designed to educate students about how to manage the property on different levels and their entire lifecycle. The course aims at imparting leadership and decision making competencies to aspiring real estate and urban infrastructure professionals. The program has a balanced mix of technical and managerial competencies that are required to flourish in the Indian Real Estate sector.

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