GeneralWays to clean a kitchen and bathroom sink

Ways to clean a kitchen and bathroom sink

Proper cleaning of kitchen and bathroom sinks is very important. It must be done on a regular basis that it not only encourages cleanliness but also promotes a cleaner house. Here are the best methods that can be implied for cleaning both the kitchen and the bathroom sink in Miami. They include:

  • Scrubbing the dirty sink: The first thing that in the mind is the cleaning that is done using soap and water that actually flows through the sink making it perpetually clean but exactly that does not happen completely. The soap deposits, food stains along with rust and water spots build up if one does not stay on top of them. The most important thing that needs to be taken is how often does one need to scrub the sink depending on the use. For example, a bathroom sink needs a proper scrubbing regime after about thirty uses. A good recipe for cleaning the sink can be prepared by adding a squirt of dishwashing liquid to the bowl of warm water. Wash the sink by dipping a piece of sponge into the prepared mixture and scrubbing it gently. In case, if one is planning to give a sink a more thorough scrub, one can try an all-time purpose cleaning spray or a non-abrasive cleaner.
  • Making the porcelain sparkle: There is a trick to make the porcelain sparkle and gleam back into white again. This can be done by lining the sink in Miami with the paper towels and soaking them into the bleach for about thirty minutes. This further can be processed by discarding them and rising off with running water. It is recommended to never use bleach on the colored porcelain cause it can lead to discoloration. One can alternatively use mild liquid detergents, vinegar or baking soda for the clean-up.
  • De-staining the surface with lemon juice: This method can be used as a remedy for the stained sinks. This can be done by erasing those spots with a paste that is made up of one half- cup of powdered borax along with one-half of lime juice. Now, this mixture can be dabbed around with the help of a sponge and then further rinsed with running water.
  • Protecting sink from the scratches and stains: It is very important to replace the sink in Miami as it does not cause much impact on the wallet. Once the old is replaced, there are certain things that can be done for keeping it into new conditions. Thus includes:
  1. Installing a perforated plastic mat in the bottom of the sink so that it shall protect the surface of the sink from the scratches and marks apart from protecting the dishes too.
  2. Avoiding fruits, vinegar, salad dressings or any other acidic foods to linger on the surface of the porcelain enamel sink. This is because long-term exposure to acids can cause staining that can even etch the surface.
  3. Avoiding the use of scouring powders. Alternatively, warm water with dish detergent can be used.
  4. Using up of baking soda for cleaning up the solid surfacing.

These are the few important key methods that can be implemented to have a clean kitchen and bathroom sinks for everyday use.

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