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Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform enriched with multiple features and functionalities. It is best known for its flexibility as many lucrative businesses are utilizing this platform. Magento is a CMS platform ideal for selling products online.

The Magento is backed up by advanced and seamless extensions that are easy to integrate. These extensions not only make your online store more user-friendly with optimum functionalities. but allow secure and personalized shopping experience. They have the capability of taking care of your web design, sales, product inventory, promotions, transactions and much more.

Merchants looking for an extensive business solution that offers a versatile and deliberate approach to reach their target audiences, Magento can serve them as an integrated and scalable platform.  Here are some credible and trustworthy Magento extensions that can stimulate your store’s performance.

Magento 2 Product Attachments

Being an online seller, you may have confronted with the difficulty of attaching your supporting documents, whether they are tutorials, key features file, and instructions with the product.  Magento 2 Product Attachments extension solves the problem with its comprehensive functionality of attaching PDF, PPT, and Docs without any hindrance. Now, you can define your product’s intricate details in a more significant way. Get leverage of showcasing important information related to your product whether it is in the form of use cases, video links, copyright or privacy policy. Also, you can create a separate dedicated page to enlist and categorize all of your downloadable files.

Magento 2 Gift Wrap

Now online stores can take user personalization to the next level. A user-friendly platform taking care of their customer preferences has high chances of exigent growth. Gift Wrap module offers a highly flexible approach by giving them the leverage of choosing among numerous gift wraps when buying gifts online. Customers can personalize the outlook of their gifts and can write their wishes along with recipient name on the package as well. Merchants can categorize these wrappers and can provide titles or any other related information beside each gift wrapper.

Magento 2 Shop by Brand

Extensions work as a backbone for Magento platform as online stores get embellished with efficient features and functionalities by extensions like Shop by Brand. It features a brand listing sidebar where all the brand names will be showcased.  Approaching any brand will manifest the entire catalog of products related to their brand.

The extension assists vendors with the support of sorting brand names in the alphabetical order. Also, they can add brands in a featured block as well and the good thing is the extension is free of cost.

Magento 2 Store Pick up

Customers often find it hard to locate the nearest branch of a store or warehouse, where it is convenient to collect their requested products. With Magento 2 Store pick up extension, merchants can facilitate customers to easily navigate a nearest pick store and receive the store items in person. Thus, saving their shipping charges and time. The elegant tags help them to locate the nearest store with the support of Google maps functionality. Indicate the business hours of your store and mention the holidays schedule as well. You are also able to manifest your store specific items on each store’s landing page as well. Provide convenience to your customers by indicating the working hours of your individual stores. Keep them updated with the timings of your break, opening, and closing of the store. Also, you have the leverage of importing your store’s data from Magento 1 shop as well.

Magento 2 Flat Rate per Product

Sometimes it is quite complex to evaluate charges if sellable items on your store can be sold in term s of weight or through measurements. Instead of performing intricate calculations, why not offer those products on standard flat rates. Flat Rate per Product extension can assist you in assigning these rates on all or any specific product. Avail the opportunity of ascribing shipping charges with the products flat rate relative to the country the product is being purchased. Also, you can set a limit for maximum and minimum flat rates for the products in the shopping cart.

Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields

E-commerce merchants often feel the need to customize their checkout page by adding custom fields to collect extra details from their clients. They need these extra details in order to align their business/marketing strategies. Magento 2 order attributes extension allows merchants to add custom fields to any checkout step with a bunch of other useful features. It allows adding diverse field types including text field, text area, checkbox, radio button, dropdown, date/time, Yes/No, & multi-select. To collect accurate data from these fields, admins can setup input validation for each field. These custom fields can also be displayed in invoice Emails & PDF’s.

Magento 2 Size Chart

Customers always seem distressed by receiving the wrong size against their ordered clothes from online stores. Often merchants have to deal with the negative feedback that is related to wrong sizing issues delivered to the customers. Not only it harnesses the reputation of your store, but reduces the chances of those products to be sold again. With Size Chart extension, make it easy for your customers to choose product’s size based on their body proportions. Once specified, among all the products the best one according to his body dimensions will only be showcased. Now there is no inconvenience in choosing the right size of your clothes.

Magento 2 Partial Payment

Create a flexible pricing plan for your customers to pay in modules. This Magento 2 Partial Payment system makes it easier for vendors to offer installment plans to their customers. You can manage initial payments in a fixed amount or in percentage and set the duration for installments. Generate a single plan for all the products following the partial payment system or limit specific products to be sold through this layaway plan. Also, get leverage of deducting a layaway fee on availing this partial payment system.

Magento 2 Import / Export Categories

Many businesses that haven’t shifted from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and are planning to upgrade soon may have to consider importing their core data. In that case, manually shifting everything is a bad idea; instead, Import / Export Categories extension will do the job smoothly. Whether there is a huge stack of images/SKU’S, categories, multi-store views, user manuals and other documentation in your database, importing it your new database is not a big deal as this flexible extension has got your back.

Magento 2 FAQ

Customers often hesitate to buy a product if they have certain queries related to that product. Unless their queries are resolved through customer support or they can find the answer to that query in FAQ’s. FAQ extension is developed to facilitate vendors introducing frequently asked questions on a dedicated page or include FAQ’s in a separate widget contrarily.

Final Words

Magento being a well-known eCommerce platform is cost-effective with incomparable extensions. It’s the time to include these extensions that conform to your business niches. In the realm of emerging ecommerce businesses, storeowners can get facilitated by fully featured Magento extensions, instead of hiring developers to get the job done.