World NewsFacebook Monitoring: Spy on Facebook Messages, Private Photos & Profile

Facebook Monitoring: Spy on Facebook Messages, Private Photos & Profile

In recent years, the use of social media has increased. Young, as well as kids, are equally using most of the social sites. According to a study, more than 90% of kids have smartphones and they have more than one social media accounts. This shows how popular social sites are among the kids. However, the use of social media comes with its pros and cons. They are a few things most people don’t know about social media.

Why Facebook is So Popular?

Facebook is the most popular and the best social media platform according to multiple studies. There are various reasons why this platform is the best and more popular than others. The first reason is it was the first social site that connected people together and now they are not leaving it. Second, it is really engaging with the simple interface and its content. The Facebook team keeps introducing new features to make Facebook more engaging and attractive for the users.

Another reason is the type of content and maturity here. You will see all types of people here using Facebook for business as well as entertainment purposes. The site offers a great platform for the marketers, brands and companies. They can connect with the potential and relevant audience as well as their customers. Even Facebook has made business and marketing a lot easy and simple. For this reason, people also prefer Facebook over other platforms.

Why You Should Monitor Facebook?

Now coming to the point, Facebook has its pros and cons. The good things are considered its potential for the world whereas the negative side is termed as Facebook dangers. We see young as well as kids use this app or site for entertainment and it is highly engaging. For kids and teens, there are some serious dangers of the platform that we are covering here.


One of the most dangerous things about Facebook is cyberbullying. The rise of cyberbullying over Facebook and other social sites have worried parents as well as government agencies. According to 52% of American teens, they were bullied on social sites.


Another reason why you should hack Facebook Messenger use of your kids and teens is sexting. There is no denying that social media and dating sites have helped teens connect with their partners or matches. They talk to strangers, date them and do sexting. For parents, this should not be something ordinary. They should know how harmful sexting can be for their kids.

Monitor Facebook with BlurSPY Parental Control App

Parents might be wondering how they can monitor or spy on the Facebook use of their kids. This is not a problem now as we are going to talk about a parental control app that will make parenting as well as spying on Facebook really easy, fun, and simple. You will be amazed to find how great this app is.

BlurSPY is a parental control app that thousands of parents are using these days to watch their kids. This app is truly a great service as it comes with a lot of exciting features helping parents monitor their children and teens remotely.

BlurSPY Phone Spy App

The best thing about the app is that it works in the background. Your kid will never learn you have installed a spy app on their phone or device. It will keep working and provide you with all the details about calls, text messages, location, internet use, social media, instant messengers as well as multimedia.

Screen Recording Feature

When it comes to how you can really monitor Facebook, messages, chats and conversations, this is one of the two options. With BlurSPY’s live screen recording feature, you can capture the screen, view all messages, chats and conversations. This is the best option to know what your kids are up to on their social sites.

Keylogging Feature

Another way to spy on Facebook is to use the keylogging feature. This feature allows parents to detect the keyboard use, find words and sentences typed on the keyboard of the phone while using Facebook. Parents will be able to find out what their kids talk about on this social site and they can track their activities.

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