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How much does it cost to repair an automatic garage door?

The garage doors are one of the sources of entry in the house. Their good working condition is therefore necessary. However, problems may arise with both, manual and automatic doors. If you’re currently facing an issue, you need a proper guide to get rid of it.

You should schedule a routine inspection for their flaws and cons. If a service provider visits you, he is more likely to manually check the door. If the door requires adjustments, lubrication or tension set-up, try to be quick enough to correct the issue. Garage door repair cost might usually stand between $148 to $340.

However, a detailed description of problem-based costs is given below:

  1. Problems in opening or closing the door:

This is a very common issue that might arise due to some obstruction in the sensor, the garage opener or the wheel track. Any obstruction in the sensor will immediately affect the operation of the door. Similarly, a light-guided opener is present on the door, if the light fails to work on the press of a button, it needs to be repaired. Lastly, the problem can simply involve the wheel tracks, roughness, friction or bends. These issues can be resolved with the investment of about $125 to $154, depending on the severity of the issue.

  1. Problems in the fall of the door:

This problem will arise when you notice that the door is falling way quicker than it is supposed to. The possible cause for this can be broken cables or chains. However, the chains and cables will be very inexpensive; the whole installation process is a lot more time taking. This is why the total costs may range between $150 to $200.

  1. Uneven movement of the door:

This problem may involve spring or track issues. Replacements of springs and cables that have been effected under tension involve two to three hours of labor. The costs will, therefore, be dependent on the labor and involve $300 or above. Similarly, bends and warps in the tracks will obstruct the door’s movement. The costs for that will be according to the degree of damage. An estimate can range between $133 to $155.

  1. Noisiness while movement:

Grinding, screeching or squealing noises are heard when the door lacks lubrication, or there is an accumulation of debris or dirt. Such a problem means that the door needs thorough cleaning and lubrication. While these steps can be done manually, it may be time to call a professional if the problem persists. The cost for a track repair can approximately be $155.

  1. Dings and dents:

The dents can be repaired manually at home if there’s no severe damage. However, if the service at home isn’t enough, you’ll have to take help from a professional. The average cost for a professional to fix dents and dings can be $75.

  1. Broken glass:

The glass in the door is not that expensive, so you don’t need to worry about that expense. The main cost to be maintained will be related to labor. Half an hour of the same labor will cost around $75. The glass itself will cost $24 to $50.

  1. Problems in the circuit board:

If you want to reprogram the remotes or change the circuit boards, the cost can be up to $100

  1. Hinge issues:

This is the smallest issue and can be replaced very easily in less amount of money. The maximum cost of this can be $10.

  1. Keypad installation:

This whole process can vary according to the choice of the keypad and the material of the wall itself. It is an overall tricky process, better leave it to professionals. The labor may cost you around $90, and the keypad can be bought in around $60.

  1. Panel replacement:

Accidental bumps in the door cause tiny mishaps. One of them can be a broken panel. If the damage can be spotted easily and is tiny enough to consume less labor, it will cost you $155 to $200. However, the entire panel can sometimes get affected too. This might require full panel replacement in around $250 to $400.

  1. Locksmith repair:

This is a cheaper process and will involve less maintenance. You are more likely to face this issue in troublesome situations so that the charge will depend on the need and the severity of the issue. If you need them to copy you a key, it will cost you $1 to $5. For special keys, it may vary from $3 to $20. If you want to install a totally new key system, it might range from $40 to $100. This rekeying process is irrespective of lock replacements.

  1. New door installation:

When all the maintenances have failed, or you have come up with the idea of a new door, you will need to make a good investment. An average door will cost you $1080 at most or around $645 at least.

If you are willing to invest in a carter door, keep an amount ranging from $1k to $5k ready. If you want to customize it and don’t have affordability issues, the maximum amount will be $30k. For an Edelen doo, however, it might cost you around $2.5k to $7k.

Costs according to the material:

  • Wood – $190 to $216
  • Steel – $134 to $154
  • Aluminum – $175 to $200
  • Fiberglass – $145 to $170

Final word:

The garage door is one of the main entry sources in your home. The proper working and maintenance is, therefore, very important for your security and convenience. Right styles and materials are the keys for life-long support of your door. Invest in a regular maintenance process to avoid any larger and worse issues to arise later on. The professionals will charge according to the severity of the condition of your door, try t keep it under check to avoid sudden huge investments. It is better to say safe than be sorry. Adapt this sort of lifestyle and see hassles vanishing from it sooner than ever before.

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